3 Features that Matter when Buying a Lawn Mower

When shopping for a lawn mower, there are a couple of things that you should pay attention to, otherwise, you may choose a model that is not suitable for your needs. In this following article, we will show you which are the main 3 features that should be taken into consideration when buying a new lawn mower.


Before shopping for a lawn mower you need to take into consideration the size of your yard, how tall the grass and so on. Then, you should choose a lawnmower model that comes with a powerful engine made for maintaining your type of lawn. There are four different types of engines specially created for lawnmowers. The first one is called: side-valve. This is the most affordable and the most common engine. At this engine, the valves are located on the side of the engine block. The engine with overhead valves and the one with overhead cams are in the cylinder head. The last type if the direct overhead-valve engine, which is considered to be the best one among these four types. However, there’s a small drawback. In order to get a lawnmower with a direct overhead-valve engine, you need to pay more money, but at the end, it’s worth every penny because you get better fuel consumption and a more quiet mowing.

Choosing between several types

First, you need to determine the size and type of your terrain in order to get the right model. Manual reel mowers emit no pollution and are safe to use, but they are more suitable for small areas. To mow the grass from a large surface, you should consider opting for an electric mower. You can either choose between a corded electric mower or a battery-powered mower. The corded electric mower is energy efficient but it’s harder to maneuver than the electric battery mower because the last one is cord-free, so you can maneuver it quite easily. It’s also more suitable for a large lawn. Their only drawback is the fact that you need to wait for many hours, even for a day in order to recharge your lawn mower. Gas-powered mowers are reliable and powerful enough to cut long and wet grass. However, as you probably already know gas powered lawn mower are the hardest to maintain among these types, so make sure to change the oil filter regularly and keep the blade sharp.
Your third option is the robotic lawn mower and the reason why these units are so sought for is simple: due to their comfort in use. A quick look at the top picks of RobotLawnMower will reveal the efficiency of these machines and the innovative technologies that stand behind them and which make them so useful and ease to use.


If you want to get a top model that comes with the latest features, you will probably spend a lot of money on it. However, there are some things that are worth spending money for and the lawn mower is one of them. Consider opting for a lawn mower that comes with a mulching blade so that you don’t need to dispose of the clippings later on. Moreover, keep in mind that not all mowers are equally efficient. Make sure to read some reviews before buying a certain unit. Visit the bestlawnmowers.reviews site if you want to learn more details about the best lawn mowers of the moment. Compare the reviews and see which mower comes with the most advantages.

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