3 Things that You Didn’t Know About Snow Blowers

Removing snow is never an easy and pleasant chore, especially if you have back pain and you can’t use the snow shovel. This is a good opportunity for you to try a snow blower that can clear the snow fast and easy, and this article is an opportunity to learn 3 things that you didn’t know about snow blowers.

You can choose either an electric or a gas snow blower

For those who are not familiar with the snow blower models, it’s good to know that they can be either electric or gas powered. The electric type is more efficient because it doesn’t require gas or oils and it has electric start so you won’t have to pull cords to have the engine running. Still, they are limited by the cord’s length and the cord could get in your way, but they are lighter and easier to drive. The gas ones are heavier but can also handle larger areas and amounts of snow, plus there are no cords to become an electric hazard.

Two-stage snow blowers are more efficient without being hard to use

Snow blowers are usually designed as single-stage and two-stage models that match the needs of residential use. The first type is more compact but can turn out to be useless if you need to clean larger areas in less time. The best two stage snow blower should be not only powerful but practical as well. This type of snow thrower it offers more advantages, such as power assisted wheels that offer it better adherence and help it go over slopes. If you need to clean larger areas, the best two stage snow blower will turn out to be useful without being cumbersome to use. Its front auger collects the snow and crushes it before a fan takes it and throws it through a chute faster and further so it won’t get in your way.

You can combine it with a lawn tractor and create a snow plow

In case you find it hard to use the snow blower as it is, you can come up with an ingenious DIY project that will allow you to remove the snow fast and effortless. First, remove the auger, the steel enclosure, and the front end of your snow blower so you can attach a snow plow to it, one that you can take from a lawn tractor. The resulted machine will require some adjustments in order to become functional, so you will have to perform some welding. To enable the snow plow to move through the snow, you will have to attach larger tires to it and for this, you will have to upgrade the axles and add tire chains that will help them adhere better to the snow.

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