30 days of decluttering – guide to clean your house effectively

Do you feel like your house is too cluttered and you don’t feel relaxed when you get home after a though day at work? The reason behind it is clutter. If you are constantly surrounded by clutter, you won’t be able to feel relaxed. The ambiance in your house is more important than the way it is designed or how expensive the furniture in it was. You must create a comfortable ambiance so that you can enjoy your time inside your house. This is a 30-day challenge to declutter your home easily and transform it into a habit:

Week one

During the first week of your decluttering challenge, you must find storage units Bedford. You won’t know what to do with the items that you don’t need at first, so this is a temporary method. Next, you can start by tackling the first task in your challenge: cleaning the fridge. Checking the expiration dates of all the items you store in your fridge and throwing them away will help you get used with letting things go, even though it means throwing money out of the door, literally.

Another good exercise to help you make the difference between useful things and useless ones is cleaning your smartphone. Delete all the photos that have no meaning in your phone and back-up the others on your computer. Get rid of any decorative object around the house that’s only collecting dust and not adding any value to your house’s ambiance. Finally, make an inventory of your pantry and get rid of anything that you don’t need or use. Donate clothing items that no longer fit you. This week should help you form the decluttering habit. The next ones will be much easier.

Week two

During week number two you want to throw away the little things around your house that have no use and just make the space look cluttered. Among these items, pay more attention to small items such as dead batteries, Tupperware that you no longer use, old phones that can’t be fixed, CDs that you don’t use, random coffee mugs that you always avoid and so on. This week is all about small details that make a difference in how your house looks like. Think of objects you used to ignore: old magazines, expired medicine, greeting cards, old magnets on the fridge and so on.

Week three and four

The last few days in your decluttering challenge are the ones when your habit already formed. You shouldn’t find it troubling to throw away the things that have no meaning to you and just occupy precious space around the house. Store away decorative pillows since they only attract dust. Anything in the kitchen that you don’t use and can be thrown away or donated should disappear. Appliance manuals that you never read and can be found online anyway are meant for the trash or paper recycling center. Pens that no longer work, accessories that you never wear, hangers that you never put clothes on – put them aside.


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