5 Signs that Your Tap Water Might Not Be as Pure as You Think

Since water is the main fluid that supports life and helps every human being develop properly and lead a healthy life, it’s very important that the water you drink is extremely clean and pure, otherwise, you can experience severe health problems. Below, there are 5 signs that your tap water is not as pure as you think it is and an efficient way of solving this problem.

It smells bad

The water running at your tap is treated by the supplier with various substances meant to eliminate some of the impurities existing in it. The most common way of treating tap water for impurities is to add chlorine in it, which is why it smells so odd. Although chlorine is not lethal, having it in your tap water is not pleasant because it gives it a bad smell that keeps you from enjoying a glass of water. If you sense a strong chlorine smell, you should consider ways of cleaning your tap water.

It tastes weird

Tap water should be odorless, colorless, and tasteless, so any sign of the contrary is a sign that it’s not as clean as it should be. The rust, the heavy metals in it, the high level of salts and minerals, and the dirty pipes it travels through can influence the taste of your tap water. If you notice a change in the taste of the water you drink, you should stop drinking it until you find a way to purify it.

You notice residues in it

While chlorine and bacteria can not be spotted in the tap water, the dirt and debris can be easily noticed if you fill a glass with water and let it sit for a few minutes. If you see deposits on the bottom of the glass, it means there are large impurities in the water that make it more harmful than beneficial.

Your skin itches after you shower

Not only drinking the water can give you signs that it’s not as pure as you think, but bathing in it can show you if there is something wrong with its quality. In case your skin turns red and itchy after you take a shower, it could be because of the pollutants existing in your tap water.

You feel sick after drinking water

Dangerous bacteria and germs from the tap water, such as Coliform bacteria that comes from fecal infestation, cause severe health problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, gastrointestinal diseases, and dysentery, which is the most severe disease. The symptoms appear shortly after ingesting dirty tap water that has been contaminated with the bacteria and represent a strong sign that your tap water is unhealthy.

How can you eliminate these signs

The most efficient way of cleaning your tap water is to use a water filter that can eliminate even the smallest particles and the cause of the bad smell and taste. High-quality water filters remove dust, rust, heavy metals, bacteria, and chlorine from the tap water, leaving it clean and safe for every purpose you need it for. If you are unfamiliar with water filters, check out the www.myhomewaterfilter.com website, where you can find helpful information about these devices. There, you will also find water filter reviews that will help you decide on a filter suitable for the problems that you are dealing with.

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