A few tips to style up the abaya


Fashion never stands still. It keeps on changing going either in the past to rediscover it or going far into the future and bringing something new with it. Either way, fashion enthusiasts never get bored when it comes to trends. Since, fashion will always be fashion, having no limits and boundaries, it should not be a surprised that abayas, even open abayas to be the next big thing in fashion. If you are interested in this type of clothing, how about thinking of ways to accessorise it? There are a few tips definitely worth considering and they are not even that difficult to put into practice.

Embrace lace

Abayas usually come in a simple design, which is really what makes them interesting and attractive. Plus, it is most likely that you will identify such pieces of clothing coming either on black or grey. Although this might not sound very exciting, it should not be a concern to you, on the contrary actually. Because the colour is darker, you have more legroom to have fun with your own details. You can customise the abaya just the way you like it and you could very well start off with lace. This is such a feminine fabric, so simple and refined and for one reason or another it gives the design an elegant and highly sophisticated aspect. So, add lace on the sleeves or on the margins of the abaya.

Belts- your best friends

If you are wearing an open abaya, although it might sound ironic, you might want to tie it up from time to time. The simplest way to do that is to use a belt. If your clothing piece is simple, having no design, no lace, then you can use the belt to accessory it properly. You can go wild. Choose a fun, cheerful belt, with plenty of small designs. You could even put together your very own belt collection and change them from time to time. Just remember that belts always make the best accessories.

Investing in scarves

Accessories which go perfectly with abayas are scarves, because they complete the look. It is very important to maintain the messages of the abayas alive and the scarf does an amazing job in this direction. So, if you are looking for great accessories do invest in a few high quality scarves, which you can use in the normal fashion or simply put it on your shoulder when the weather gets colder. Whichever way you choose is good.


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