Amazing wedding transportation ideas


So, you have established a date for your wedding. Congratulations! In the following months, you will have to plan every aspect of the event, because if you are a perfectionist, then you have to be sure that everything will run smoothly on your wedding day. In case you decide to go to the chapel, then you have to see how you get there, because it may be far away from your house. Moreover, you have to find a mean of transportation for your bridesmaids and guests, because you have to make sure that they are present on your big day. If you visit a website that offers wedding car hire in Sydney you will see that they offer multiple transportation options, because they are aware that different people have different needs and preferences. Therefore, you will be the one who decides if you get a party bus, a limo or a Rolls-Royce.

Stretch or SUV limos

The limo is the traditional mean of transportation for weddings, but if you look online, you will see that wedding car hire providers offer different limo options. If you want to feel like a VIP, then you can choose a stretch limo, because it is a classic option. Your parents and bridal party can accompany you, because these limos hold up to 10 people. If you want a limo-like experience, but with a twist, then you can hire an SUV limo. This model of limo comes with pimped-out systems and up to 20 guests can join you in the car.

Sport car

If you are a couple who is looking for an edgy ride, then you can choose a two seater sport car. There are on the market ultra-exotic vehicles so you have to decide what model is the right one for you, and hire it, to get to your wedding reception in a flash. Sport cars come in daring colours as yellow and red, so when you talk with the provider you should consider this aspect.

Vintage vehicle

If you opt for a vintage wedding theme, then you can rent an antique car as a Rolls Royce. It will look amazing in the photos, especially if you plan to have black-and-white shots. There are many hot models on the market, so before deciding upon one, you should check the list of the provider. Some people want to drive a car with character on their wedding day, so you may not want to choose a Rolls Royce, but a Chrysler 300.

Carriages and horses

Do you want to have a fairy-tale wedding? Then what do you think of renting a horse-down carriage? These transportation options can fit between two and six passengers, so you can take your bridesmaids and honour attendants along. You have to consider your budget when you choose the type of carriage you will hire. If you prefer a more modern option, then you can opt for a pedicab. It is the metropolitan carriage and more and more couples are hiring it for their wedding.

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