Are you pregnant? Choose adoption instead of abortion

A pregnancy is always a surprise. You have lots of symptoms, like aches and pains, but you do not realize that they are caused by the pregnancy. You just assume that it is one of those days. The symptoms continue, so you make an appointment with your physician. Your doctor breaks the news: you are expecting. An unplanned pregnancy can happen to just about any woman. For you, it is not a blessing. You are not in a good place from a financial standpoint, not to mention that you have nobody to count on. Being a single mom is not what you want. So, what do you do? Many situations in life do not work out ideally. When you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, you can either give the baby up for adoption or have an abortion. Abortion is not your best option. You should better keep the baby and put the little one up for adoption. Continue reading to learn the facts of both options.


Adoption is practically a legal process by which parental rights are transferred from one person to the other. Or from one couple to the other. Why should you even consider it? Because you cannot afford the costs of raising a child. A baby needs special gear and furniture, not to mention a quiet place to sleep. You will have to dig deep into your pockets. By the end of the month, you will have very little money left. Prospective parents have the necessary financial means to take care of a little one. Nonetheless, San Antonio adoption agencies do not choose adoptive families based on how rich they are. The select people based on criteria like age, medical health, emotional health, and so on and so forth. You can be sure that your baby will have a good home. Adoption is a difficult choice, but it is the right one. Your child will grow up to be a well-adjusted and healthy adult. There are many women out there who want a baby and they are not blessed. Why not do it?


It is often believed that abortion does not hurt and there are no side effects whatsoever. The truth is that ending a pregnancy is extremely painful. You are not given any pain medication by the gynecologist. As for the pain, it is excruciating. You feel as if you were to die. The abdominal pain is constant and it only gets worse. You cannot sit, lie down or do anything else. The point is that you will experience the worst pain in your life. Do you really want that? As if the pain were not enough, you are ending an innocent life. Abortion is not the same thing as murder. Still, you are not giving that fetus any chance. You should better keep the baby and give the little bundle up for adoption. It is the right thing to do and you know that. So, make the right choice for you and your baby.


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