Beauty and business: what makes a great hairstylist?


Have you been cutting and styling your own hair for years? Do you receive compliments every time you do a salon blowout at home? Do you master the basics of hair care and can instantly spot damaged locks? Can you tell the difference between even the most similar shades of black? Do all your friends come to you for advice whenever they plan to change the color of their hair or get a haircut? If the answer to all the questions above is yes, then you are or at least, you are trying to become a hairstylist. In both cases, you are probably thinking about the day when you are going to open your own beauty salon, but do you have what it takes in order to attract clients? Do you possess all the characteristics of a great hairstylist? Of course, having an extensive knowledge regarding everything that has to do with hair, from composition, chemistry and physics to morphology and lifespan, is fundamental. However, every hairdresser out there must have this knowledge due to cosmetology schools.

Building a strong connection with every client is fundamental

The main idea is that a successful hairdresser has more than just talent and knowledge, especially if she dreams about starting her own business. Cutting hair represents a good start, but it is not enough for thriving in this competitive field so you might winder: what more do I need so that people view me as a great hairstylist? Well, paying attention to detail and having the ability of truly listening to your every client’s request as well as connecting with people are solid starting points because they can help you extend your client base. Knowing how to make those resorting to your services valued will get you far because after all, you are working in a service industry and you have to know how to sell yourself. Even though it might seem unnecessary to adopt a soft attitude towards your clients’ emotions and expectations, you have to know that it will influence the customer’s decision of coming back or visiting another beauty salon.

Customizing your services will make clients feel important

Apart from being an excellent conversationalist, presenting yourself well, captivating the attention of your customers and using your skills to carry them off their feet, you have to come up with something unique, something that will differentiate yourself from your competitors, namely hairdressers working in others or the same salon with you. Therefore, customizing your service becomes imperative. More specifically, with the goal of satisfying your client in mind, you have to discuss with him or her about the look and the changes that it implies, about the expectations and potential disappointments. Furthermore, you have to consider the personal characteristics of each customer and make relevant suggestions that he or she will love. It does not matter the amount of time you invest in a simple haircut, as long as it makes your client happy, then you should be happy. The last piece of advice is to work hard.


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