Beauty and champagne:  what is the connection?


People are eagerly waiting for the New Year’s Eve to pop the champagne and savor its unique flavor. Apparently, the association of champagne with special occasions is quite common. Well, we strongly disagree. Even more, we encourage drinking this expensive liquid more often because it has great properties beneficial for your health. Yes, after multiple studies, researchers discovered that champagne, also called sparkling wine, truly is a medicine. More reasons to rejoice, we think. Not only is this drink delicious, but also good for your hair, face, body and overall health. You probably felt intrigued by the connection between champagne and beauty from the title and we are going to give you more details and instructions on how to use it properly and efficiently in your advantage. Yes, we are going to give you compelling reasons for which you should buy more champagne. You definitely have a special glass somewhere from the last time you celebrated with champagne. There are many cocktails you can serve in a champagne flute, so do not limit yourself.

Use flat champagne for glowing skin

Returning to beauty, flat champagne surely represents an unexpected but effective product for skin care, as long as you know how to use it.              Do not worry, we are going to guide throughout the entire process. Champagne makes wonders for oily skin because it kills bacteria responsible for acne. Before applying it carefully, you have to clean your face thoroughly. After using a facial cleanser, go ahead and pat your skin with a towel to dry it. Put champagne in a small bowl and swipe it over your skin with cotton balls. This liquid has antibacterial properties, antioxidants and tartaric acid, which will even out your skin tone. At the end, you have to keep your skin hydrated, especially after applying alcohol on it, so you have to use a good moisturizer. Moreover, for preventing dry skin, you should not use this treatment more than once every week. You can also make a facemask and a body scrub with champagne, but we will disclose more in the next paragraph.  

Use flat champagne to eliminate dry and flaky skin

The body scrub is perfect if you have patchy skin, especially on the hands, elbows or knees because it will exfoliate the problematic area and leave you with clear and smooth skin. Once again, you need a large bowl where you are going to mix the necessary ingredients, which include granulated sugar, orange essential oil and obviously, flat champagne. Mix all the ingredients until you obtain a thick texture. Keep in mind that you have to use champagne stored in at room temperature if you want it to combine perfectly with the other ingredients. You can apply this mixture on your skin in the shower or during a relaxing bath by using circular motions. Dead skin will become history with this efficient scrub. Of course, you have to repeat the process in order to maintain your skin perfect but not more than three times every week.                           

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