Being Able to Shop for Food Is an Important Part of Staying Independent as We Age

Staying in control of food shopping is essential for older people as they can retain their independence. Unfortunately, various factors are working against them when it comes down to sourcing and purchasing food. The elderly are at a risk of malnutrition, which contributes to a decline in health. With the number of seniors over 65 growing by the day, the need for home care services increases. Many aging people are homebound because of medical conditions or they’re unable to drive. The idea is that they require help with everyday errands, like shopping for groceries. If your loved one is in a similar situation, think about hiring a home care assistant.


Food Shopping – A Frustrating Task for Some Elderly

It’s necessary to buy food in order to nourish the body. More often than not, food shopping is a chore that we take for granted. For senior citizens, it can turn out to be physically challenging, not to mention mentally exhausting. The elderly experience food-purchasing problems due to distance, particularly those living alone. The supermarket is too far away. Mobility limitations can cause older people to lose the ability to move freely. Let’s not even talk about in-store difficulties, such as shelves that are too high or too low, narrow aisles, and a lack of adequate toilet facilities.

Shopping for food involves the use of mental aspects, such as memory. Memory tends to deteriorate with age, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that seniors forget to buy the items they intended to buy. Age-related vision loss and hearing loss can significantly affect aging people at the supermarket. One suggested intervention, which is already gaining momentum, is handlehjelp. Shopping help is available for individuals who are housebound and, obviously, can’t do their own shopping. Besides support with personal care and medication administration, the elderly need help running errands, such as food shopping.

Hiring A Home Care Assistant Is One of The Few Ways to Offer Grocery Shopping Assistance for Seniors

If you want to help your loved one with food shopping, but you simply don’t have the time, hire a caregiver for hjemmesykepleie Oslo. A friendly helper will take your close family member to the supermarket or shopping center. The caregiver can help with activities such as :

  • Grabbing hard-to-reach items
  • Deciphering food labels
  • Lifting heavy bags
  • Pushing the shopping cart
  • Driving the car to and from the store

The caregiver acts as a personal assistant, meaning that they offer assistance exactly where it’s needed. Having an extra helping hand will provide your loved one with much-needed peace of mind. Food shopping is no longer a nerve-wracking experience. Providers of hjemmetjenester Oslo carefully vet and reference check each employee to make sure they meet the stringent requirements. You can be certain that your beloved family member is in good hands.

The most important voice to consider is that of the elderly loved one. Involve them in the decision-making process. In other words, ask for their opinion on which caregiver to choose. Also, you should come once a week to prepare several casseroles. 

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