Best Laser Golf Rangefinders under $200

If you are a professional golfer, then you certainly know that a rangefinder can help you improve your game. Units like that are quite expensive, and what can you do when you don’t have enough money to get one? The good news is that you can actually find some cheap yet good units, and for your information here are some of the best laser golf rangefinders under $200.

Nikon 8397ACULON

This lightweight and compact unit is exceptional and highly recommended by many consumers. Due to its small size, you will be able to place in your pocket and easily carry it with you. Your game will definitely be improved by this unit due to its accuracy. Nikon 8397 ACULON will provide you measurements for lots of different targets, including the ones that are usually obscured. This is a huge advantage as many products of this type can’t do this. Other important features that this device has, are diopter adjustment function, automatically shut-off, and a measurement range of 500 to 500 yards. Moreover, the provided images are very clear due to its high-quality 6x monocular and multi-layer coating.

Bushnell Team Primos The Truth

If you want a clever device, with amazing HD quality and quality optics, in order to improve your golf game, then Bushnell Team Primos The Truth is exactly what you need. You will be able to use it no matter the weather, due to its weatherproof material. The device has a built-in inclinometer which can measure angles from -90 to 90 degrees, with an accuracy of +/-1 degree. Furthermore, it is a durable unit which has definitely been designed to last. Bushnell Team Primos The Truth is certainly one of the best laser golf rangefinders which it is available on the market for under $200.

Breaking 80 SmartSlope Intelliscan 600

This unit a great value that you need to take into account. It is very accurate and reasonably priced as well. Clever features have been updated in this amazing product, in order to offer you the best golf experience. Due to its accuracy and consistency, you will be able to range flag from as far as 300 yards. This is possible without using reflectors or prisms. The ergonomic design makes this device easy to handle and carry, and therefore, you will find very easy to use it. Breaking 80 SmartSlope Intelliscan 600 is considered a great product that gives you the same value as other units which are more expensive. Therefore, it is a device that needs to be taken into account when shopping.

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