Best Movie Projectors Under $500

Nothing compares to lying on the couch and playing your favorite video game or watching a good movie when it comes to ways in which you can spend your free time, because these activities are extremely relaxing. If you love to play video games and to watch movies, you have definitely considered buying a movie projector at one point to make the experience even better, but if you didn’t buy one already, it’s most probably because you couldn’t afford spending too much on such a device. Read the following lines to see which are the best movie projectors under $500 available, models that you will surely afford to buy for your own use.

Acer H5380BD

The Acer H5380BD comes at the low price of $380, and it brings quality projection despite the low price tag. In addition, it’s the perfect movie projector for those who care for the environment due to its energy saving power-management solutions. The native 720P widescreen resolution of this movie projector might not be as powerful as the resolution of more expensive models, but it delivers a great cinematic experience for high-def content, being the perfect fit for movies that have been created in Blu-Ray Disc and HDTV formats. Definitely the best feature of this affordable movie projector, and probably the one that will make your interest in this model rise, is the Instant Resume feature that enables the projector to resume projection after it has been turned off, the period in which this is possible being of two minutes after it was shut off.

Optoma W311

The W311 movie projector from Optoma comes at the price of $300, and it’s one of the best options to go with if you are on a budget, bringing you quality at a fair price. This cheap movie projector has a remarkable contrast ratio of 20000:1 and 3200 lumens, delivering vibrant, accurate colors, and a clear image, and it offers over 10 Display modes for you to choose from, the most important being Presentation, Blackboard, and RGB. Despite the low price that you can buy it at, this model includes a long list of advanced features, including 1080p HD compatibility, a whisper quiet fan, 2x HDMI ports with full 3D compatibility, a USB mini-B port for remote mouse convenience, and a built-in 2W speaker.

Epson EX5220

The Epson EX5220 movie projector comes at the affordable price of $480. This amazing model has the color brightness of 3000 lumens, the white brightness of 3000 lumens, it’s a wireless model, therefore it allows you to project from your tablet or smartphone as well, it uses the innovative 3x Brighter Colors technology produced by Epson to bring you the best quality pictures, and it’s incredibly easy to set up and use it due to its many features that ensures flexible placement and handling.

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