Boiler maintenance tips – ensure your gas boiler runs smoothly

If you plan to install a gas boiler in your house, it is essential that you resort to the services of a professional and highly reputed company in this domain, since this way you will only benefit from the best results. Start with doing some quick research on the Internet to get a clearer idea on what companies in your region provide top quality gas boiler service in Bishop’s Stortford. However, you should keep in mind that once they have installed the boiler, it is your job to ensure it runs smoothly, so here are some very useful experts’ boiler maintenance tips.

Check air passages

The first thing you need to do after a long period of not using the gas boiler is to check the air passages and vent-holes to ensure they are clean. If they are full of hair or dust, the boiler will have to use more energy in order to produce heat, thus making your electrical bills go up.

Check the fluke gas vent-hole

Another very important thing you have to check before you turn your heating system on is the fluke gas vent-hole. In case it is covered by leaves or rakes for instance, there are high chances that CO2 remains inside the house and is not released to the outside as it should be. Believe it or not, this can put not only you, but your entire family at risk, which is why you should not skip this aspect.

Check the thermo-regulator

 The thermo-regulator should also be checked before you turn the gas boiler on again. This item is responsible for the temperature inside your house. If it is set too high, the boiler will have to work a lot more than it is supposed to, which will only lead to higher electrical and gas bills, making you waste a great deal of money. Make sure the thermo-regulator is set at the temperature recommended by the manufacturer.

Annual check – resort to professionals

Even though you do these check-ups yourself on a regular basis, it is highly important that you resort to professional boiler services at least once a year and call in the experts to do a more detailed check-up on your boiler. They have vast knowledge and experience in this domain, so if they find something is not working properly with your boiler, they will be able to fix it in no time.

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