Choosing a major to fulfil both your academic needs and passions at the same time

In this day and time, it might seem difficult to find a major that fulfils both your academic needs and your passions at the same time. Regardless, some of us still hope for the best and try to make the biggest decision of our lives that will ensure decent pay in the future but also bring fulfilment. Regardless of where the process might lead you, you have to pay attention to the following.

Mixing abstract interests with the prospect of a future job

Abstract interests like arts have been traditionally seen as low-employment majors. The student was not able to achieve a fulfilling and high-paying career. Today, however, arts and crafts majors can be combined with technology and students in similar majors have real growth and development opportunities over the next period. While abstract interests and higher-paying jobs are not traditionally seen as a good combination, areas like web design allow easy and effective approach of both usefulness and passion.

See if STEM topics raise your interest

For many, the fear of STEM is what keeps them from achieving a rewarding career but also a potentially new passion. Take a look at MCB354 courses on online platforms and see if the topics exposed there raise your interest. You might be surprised by how engaging these topics are. You can revise the syllabus in depth by using such platforms since these are used to upload notes from various courses by proficient students in different majors. STEM fields are growing in popularity because of the huge potential showed by them in a series of fields, from medicine to agriculture and even clothing design. You might find one of your interests among those, so better research them as well.

Always have a plan

Ok, say you’re passionate about a topic. But when you apply for a major or even minor, make sure that you know exactly what you can do with it. Blindly jumping onto a major just because you like how it sounds in theory can damage your career prospects beyond repair. Research what jobs, positions, internships but also the wages for those positions before making such an important decision. You will be surprised how long a little bit of research can go.

Always realize the difference between your interests and career

You might be gifted in arts, but are you able to crack the code to success in arts? Or do you just love spending your spare time scribbling? Do you have any chance to turn your scribbles into a source of income? Some have succeeded by creating their own cartoons and comics. Do you have what it takes? If not, be prepared to turn your attention to higher-paying fields that have parts of your interests. This might be the next best solution to achieve a fulfilling and financially rewarding career.

Choosing a major or a minor, for that matter of fact, is far from being easy. Our entire future depends on it and a careful and informed choice is the only way to achieve a perfect life balance.

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