Common misconceptions people have when it comes to artificial grass


In the past few years, more and more people have decided to go for synthetic turf instead of natural grass. Nevertheless, it is inevitable that certain myths and misconceptions related to this type of turf to still exist due to misinformation. If you are interested in decorating your back or front yard with artificial grass, start looking on the Internet for a professional and reliable provider. Until then, here are the most popular myths on this subject.

It is not healthy

“It is synthetic, so it is definitely not healthy, right?” This is the first thought people have the moment they hear someone has decorated their gardens with artificial grass. However, this is definitely not true, as synthetic turf is not toxic at all and causes no health problems. Professional and renowned artificial grass companies pay great attention during the manufacturing process and ensure they meet all safety regulations.

All synthetic turf is the same

Another common misconception related to this subject is that all artificial grass is the same, when in fact this is definitely not true. There are different types of turf, each of them suitable for various budgets and needs, which is why you should not rush into choosing the first synthetic grass package you find on the Internet. Do some research and ensure the one you choose fits your needs.

It costs too much

In some people’s opinion, artificial grass is something only the rich can afford, as it is very expensive. You should know this is not the case and you can benefit from amazing lawn even on a tight or modest budget. The number of companies providing this type of product is quite large, so all you have to do is look online for the best company with the most affordable offers.

It gets too hot

“It is artificial, which means it is made out of plastic, and I know plastic gets really hot when in direct sunlight”. You have probably heard people saying this many times, which has made you wonder whether or not this is true. Know that it isn’t! Artificial turf that can be found on today’s market is manufactured to reflect heat as much as possible and not to absorb it as it is believed. As a result, it is comfortable to play or walk on, even during those hot summer days.

There are drainage problems

There are some people who complained about the fact that the synthetic grass they purchased had trouble draining properly. You should know that this is extremely likely to happen only if you opt for buying very low quality artificial grass. After all, you get what you pay for and if you choose to buy from a no-name provider some artificial lawn that is of the poorest quality on the market, you should definitely expect having drainage problems at some point. Make sure you order products only from trust-worthy and professional companies.

All things considered, these are some of the most common misconceptions on synthetic grass.

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