Common Mistakes Women Make when Using the Flat Iron

Flat irons have become a must have in the house of any woman because they are the perfect solution for when you need to do your hair and you don’t have an appointment to see a hair stylist, or if you simply don’t want to spend your money on having your hair done at the salon.
Unfortunately, there are many mistakes that women do when they use a flat iron, mistakes that harm and damage their hair. Therefore, if you use a flat iron, and you want to avoid damaging your hair, you should read the following lines to see which are the most common mistakes that women make when they are using the flat iron, to know how you can avoid them.

Skipping the heat protectant spray

Definitely the most common mistake that women make when they use a flat iron is to forget to use a heat protectant spray, this ultimately leading to the hair getting damaged and frizzed.
Always remember to spray on heat protectant spray before touching your hair with the flat iron, or else you will destroy it due to the high heat that comes from using the device.

Pulling down when straightening the hair

When you pull down while straightening your hair with a flat iron, you not only make it lose all of its volume, but because of the heat and the force that you are applying in your movement, you will definitely pull out your hair as well.
Avoid doing this mistake, and add volume to your hair as well by simply starting at the root of the hair and pulling it upwards instead of downwards, and you are guaranteed to have an amazing look.

Turning the heat too low or too high

When it comes to choosing the appropriate heat setting, most women either go too high or too low, and both of these mistakes have their own consequences.
If you turn the heat all the way up, you will most likely burn and damage your hair, and if you turn the heat too low, you will be forced to do repetitive movements with the flat iron on the same flock of hair to straighten it, which will make the hair weak, breaking easily after you do it.

Not cleaning the iron after using it

If you don’t clean the flat iron after using it, its surface will build up dirt that can inevitably cause your hair to snag if you use it.
The only way in which you can avoid having a bad hair day due to the fact that the flat iron had a build-up of dirt on it is to clean the surface of the iron with a cloth that has been gently dipped in lukewarm water, leaving it to completely dry before the next use.

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