Common types of nail extensions

There are many reasons why women may choose to get artificial nails, but one seems to stand out. The popularity of artificial nails is explained by the fact that women do not have the time to grow long nails and consequently need assistance. The result is indeed spectacular since anyone who puts on nail extensions immediately looks sharper. If your intention is to go to a wedding or a reunion, you should definitely visit and check the latest offers. However, if you are committing to artificial nails, you should know that there is not only one option. On the contrary, you can choose from gel, acrylic and fiberglass nails. Before choosing between these options, it is important to have all the facts to be able to answer the question of the beauty specialist as to what you prefer.

Acrylic nail extension

When doing your research, you will most likely come across acrylic nail extension, the most popular type of nail extension. Acrylic nail extensions have been the number one choice in the industry for a long time. Their ongoing popularity is due to the fact that they provide the perfect canvas for applying nail color. Once the acrylics are applied over the nail tip, they harden and form a protective layer. The acrylic air dries, which means that it is not necessary to be cured with light. Unlike UV nails, acrylic nails can be removed with the use of acetone.

Gel extensions

Gel extensions are commonly known under the name of UV gel extensions and they differ from acrylic nails in the sense that there is no mixing involved in order to create the gel. The gel is created in a jar and it is very similar o hair gel. Some experts view gel extensions as a product that combines the strength of acrylic nails with the appearance of natural nails. Therefore, they look more natural in comparison to other cosmetic nails.

Fiberglass nail extensions

Fiberglass extensions make use of a fiberglass mesh that is placed on the nail and treated with raisin. The fiberglass raisin is technically an adhesive, but it is commonly referred to as a raisin simply. After several layers have been applied, the resin saturates the fabric to make it clear and adheres to the nail in order to make it smooth and shiny. The main advantage of fiberglass nail extensions is that they build and shape the nail to reinforce the stress area.

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