Dealing with the Baby Blues

The experience of having a new baby is very stressful for every new mom, especially if that is the first one. Not knowing what to do may make you feel like you are not a good mother and all those sleepless nights and fatigue are not helping at all. But don’t go hard on yourself, all those feelings you have are absolutely normal and you should know that it will be better in time. All those changes that your body and mind are going through during pregnancy and childbirth are not easy to deal with and are actually pretty traumatic. Now, you might think that everybody has babies and they seem totally ok, but most new moms really know how to hide their feelings in public, so that is not an accurate form of measurement to rely on. The most important thing to do when you feel overwhelmed is to ask for help and talk to someone, either it’s a friend, your mother, your partner or a specialist.

Baby blues or postpartum depression?

Firstly, you should know the difference between the 2 because they have different effects on your state of mind and, depending on what and how you feel, you should know if you need to ask for specialised help or just wait for it to go away in time.

The difference between the 2 is pretty obvious for a connoisseur, but not for a scared and worried new mother that has a lot on her hand. Having a baby that you have to care for is not an easy job and it gets pretty overwhelming, so be reassured that most women go through the same thing as you do. Depression takes at least 2 weeks to install, but the baby blues only last for that long, plus the symptoms for the former are getting worse with time, even if both of them start alike.

Causes and symptoms

The main causes for the baby blues are the hormonal and lifestyle changes that happen once you gave birth to the little one. Nobody understands all those changes better than someone who went through them, so if someone says they are overrated don’t let them get to you. But how do you know it is the baby blues? According to Zoe Waite blog, there are a few symptoms that give it away and you might feel like crying for no reason (that is the most common one), anxiety, sadness and irritability, inability to sleep, mood swings, impatience and so on.

It gets better

Baby blues go away faster than you think as, on average, they last for 2-3 weeks at most. There are some things you can do that will help you ease all that emotional rollercoaster, but you have to try to get out of bed for it. First of all, try to bond with your baby, talk to him/her and play a bit. Then, going outside the house for short walks, breathing fresh air and socialising with other fellow mommies should also help. In addition, you can also talk to a specialist if you feel like you can’t handle it anymore.

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