Devices Designed to Protect the Safety of the Elderly

With age, people start becoming more vulnerable and more prone to accidents that could endanger their safety or worst, their life. In order to avoid those life-threatening situations, there have been developed some devices designed to protect the safety of the elderly, such as the ones presented below. The functionality and precision of these devices can guarantee the seniors will lead a normal life away from accidents.


For those having difficulties in climbing the stairs, a stair lift can be a true life savior that not only keeps them safe but also offers them the freedom of walking on their own inside their house. Many accidents involving old people happen while going up and down the stairs because they start losing their motion abilities as they age. The stair lift has been designed for the exact purpose of offering the elderly the safety and stability they need in order to use the stairs. The comfortable chair can safely transport seniors up and down the stairs while the platform models can even hold people in wheelchairs.

Mobility scooter

Also for offering support and safety, the mobility scooter if often used by seniors who have troubles walking or experience pain while walking long distances. Using a mobility scooter enables the elderly to continue to stay active, to perform their daily chores safely, and to protect their health. The comfort of the mobility scooter and the ergonomic design guarantee that the person who is using it will enjoy a safe and pleasant journey.

Gas detector

Given that old people tend to forget things such as turning off the gas after cooking, it’s best to install a gas detector that will sense the gas levels in the air and will automatically turn off the gas in order to prevent further accidents. Considering the gravity of a fire, this type of device is efficient in any home, but it’s particularly useful in protecting the safety of the elderly.

Flood detector

As with the gas, seniors also tend to forget to turn off the water which can cause a flood that can damage not only their house but also their health if they get into contact with slippery wet floors. A flood detector is a device that triggers an alarm in case it detect water overflowing from a sink or a bathtub in the house. This way, seniors will be aware of the danger of a flood and will manage to turn off the water before it’s too late.

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