Discussing discrimination to children

Every day you see on the news issues related to discrimination. It is alarming that nowadays people are still dealing with this subject. Every year more and more stories about discrimination are told, and it is important to teach our children that discrimination is harmful to people. You may find difficult to discuss the subject with your friends and family, and they are adults, but the thought that you will have to explain it to your children can be overwhelming. The main question is why are people discriminated? There are multiple reasons: ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, income level and even religion. Studies show that the majority of people felt discriminated almost once in their life. Even if this subject is not easy to discuss, you should not ignore to talk to your kids about it, because it is an essential factor in their education.

Why is it important to talk discrimination to children?

The majority of parents do not include this topic in their discussions with their children, because they do not want to draw their attention to things like this. But even if you discuss discrimination with your children or not, they will definitely notice when another person looks or behaves differently. Also, they will notice if there are people who receive a different treatment than the others. You should know that studies show that children tend to favour the persons who are the same as they are, and if you do not explain to them that discrimination is harmful, they may not know that similarities are meaningless. You should follow the example of Moshe Kantor, who dedicates his life to fighting against anti-Semitism and racism. If you will not talk to your kids about this subject, they will consider it taboo.

How can you talk to children about discrimination?

If you are stressed out about introducing this subject in your discussions, then you should check the following guidelines, because they will prove useful.

You will not have a single talk about this subject, you should tell them that the subject is open and any time they have questions you can discuss. Yes, this is a hard subject, but this is not a reason to avoid it. You should keep talking about discrimination, underage drinking and sex to your children.

Make sure that when you explain them the subject you use a language they can understand, because it is important to start young. Your children should not be overwhelmed with information, as they get older you will get into deeper conversations. You can find more information about the subject in Moshe Kantor’s speeches.

When your children as a question about a hard subject, you should offer them an answer they can understand. Also, make sure that they see that you are not bothered that they asked you the question.

Make sure that you help children learn how to deal with discrimination situations in case they are possible targets. You should teach them what responses to give if they get involved in a discriminatory discussion. Make sure that their responses are healthy and if you notice that they say something discriminatory, you should start a conversation based on this, in order to correct their misconceptions.


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