Does the 2017 Honda pilot make a great buy?


When trying to find the ideal car, you will be overwhelmed with the extensive selection of options available on the market. Making a choice is not easy, and considering that buying a car is not exactly cheap, you probably do not want to end up regretting your buy. One model that has not fail to meet drivers’ expectations until now is the 2017 Honda pilot, which comes with all sorts of driving perks. If you are interested in this model, here are the most important things to know about it, and why it can make the perfect purchase:

Strong performance

The first thing you should know about this model is that it provides a strong performance. All versions of this car are powered by a V-6 engine, and come with 262 pound feet torque and 280 horsepower. You even have the possibility to upgrade to a more powerful speed transmission, which is certainly an appealing prospect for those who love speed.

Fuel economy

When buying a car, the initial price is not the only financial consideration to have, the long term costs of driving the vehicle being equally relevant. If you want a car that allows you to travel as often as you want, without spending too much money on gas, the Honda pilot is the right answer of you. Considering that it is an eight passenger car, the gas mileage provided is actually surprisingly good.

Great as a family car

Considering its large dimensions and spacious interior, this vehicle will also make a great car for the family. If you and your family often go on road trips and vacations by car, space might be a concern, but with the Honda pilot, ever passenger will sit comfortably, and you will also have enough space for luggage storage. With such an appealing exterior and so many great features, there is nothing that you will not like about this car.  

To conclude, this particular vehicle model is certainly an option worth taking into account. Regardless if you are planning to purchase it new, or perhaps a second hand alternative, if your budget is rather limited, you will not be disappointed in what it has to offer. To research the topic more amply, you can find a wide range of reviews on the internet, which provide you with all the technical details you need to make a final decision. All in all, the investment is worth it.

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