Embracing the green trend: build an eco-friendly house from scratch

More and more people embrace the green movement by making certain alterations to the interior and exterior of their homes, from replacing incandescent light bulbs with LEDs and choosing ceiling fans during the summer season instead of the air conditioner to swapping out the showerhead, using eco paint instead of the one containing harmful chemicals and repurposing old pieces of furniture. These represent positive changes that clearly show homeowners’ initiative of making a difference in the world by minimizing their carbon footprint. However, some people have the possibility to build an eco-friendly house from scratch, which comes with plenty of benefits. Apart from making things easier for these people because it helps them adopt a sustainable lifestyle, it allows better indoor air quality and helps them save both time and money in the long run. How can you top that? Of course, we have to add to the mix the satisfaction resulted from knowing that you can reduce negative environmental impact and raise awareness on serious consequences like climate change.

Question of the day: what makes a home green?

People do not realize that even the smallest changes in their daily routine filled with bad habits can make the world a better place and we are talking about using reusable bags from Custom Earth Promos instead of non-biodegradable plastic ones, replacing old appliances that consume too much energy or insulating windows. Of course, those who intend to build their own house can do much more for the surrounding environment. More specifically, they can make sure that their personal living space will not influence the nature in a negative manner. Thus, many people might wonder: what makes a home green? What does one have to include in that house in order to ensure its eco-friendly characteristic? Well, almost everyone associates solar panels with green properties and they are right; this definitely represents a good step towards making a home green. However, you have to start with the structure if you plan to observe the sustainability principles of eco-friendly building. Thus, using sustainable materials becomes fundamental and wood represents the most obvious choice in this case.

How to build an eco-friendly house from scratch

Alternative building materials represent a must when envisioning an environmentally friendly house because it allows you to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. However, it is not enough. After all, your property needs energy in order to function like a real home, which means that you have to direct your attention towards renewable energy sources like wind and hydropower. Consequently, selecting a good location that allows you to exploit all these infinite resources offered by the planet is crucial. The next step refers to insulation, which is imperative for the attic and the basement because it impedes the heat from escaping outside the house, which usually leads to increased energy consumption and wasted money. This is the main reason for which a green home can help people manage their finances better because the amount of money coming in will always exceed the amount of money going out.

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