Food supplements – calcium, the most abundant mineral of the human body

As much as you try to pay attention to your meals and diet, at some point your body may collapse and not assimilate as many nutrients as it should. There are many substances you need in order to function properly, and probably one of the most important one is calcium. This is the most abundant mineral inside the human body, and while you can easily find it in common foods, sometimes you might also have to take supplements to reach the appropriate amount necessary for a healthy development. Fortunately, nowadays there are multiple types of products available in dedicated stores, through which you can reach the balance for a healthy life. Whether you decide to try medicines or alternative remedies such as AlgaeCal supplement, be aware of the fact that calcium is an important substance and you need to see a doctor before actually buying the supplements.

What is calcium useful for?

Most people know that for kids, calcium is the main substance influencing their growth and healthy development of their bones. While it is true that it is quite crucial for the musculoskeletal system, calcium plays many other relevant roles in your body. For example, it is necessary for vasodilation and vascular contraction, which ensures the proper function of internal organs. In addition to this, it is also important for nerve transmission, hormonal secretion and intracellular signaling. Besides all these, about 1 per cent of the overall body calcium is required to support metabolic functions. What is actually curious is that the body uses its own reserves (stored in bone tissue) as a source of calcium, in order to ensure the right amount needed to maintain constant concentration in intercellular fluids, blood and muscles. However, sometimes this may not be enough and you need to talk to a professional doctor about supplementary alternatives.

Why do you need supplements?

About 99 per cent of the total amount of calcium in the human body is stored in bones and teeth, mainly because it has to support their functions and structures. As bones often undergo changes and remodeling, especially in children and elderly individuals, there is also a constant resorption and deposition of calcium and the balance changes as you grow old. For this season, at some point in your life, you may have to use supplements to complete the necessary amount. As a child, lack of this chemical element may influence your bone formation, while as an adult, you may be prone to bone conditions (like breakdowns or osteoporosis) if you do not have the right amount of calcium. Of course, the intake should be established by an expert, as same as the form of the substance you are about to take. There are special pills, powders and extracts, so rest assured you will find the alternative that suits you best. Plenty of foods are an excellent source of calcium, so try to introduce these in your meals, while also taking dietary supplements.


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