Frequently asked questions regarding shipping container homes

Nowadays, more and more people have decided to live their lives in a shipping container house, rather than in those traditional houses, for various reasons. Some say that it is cheaper to build a house out of such a container than building it from scratches, while others think of it as a more eco-friendly choice. While some people have some good reasons for moving to such houses, there are others who still have many questions related to these shipping container conversions. Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding this type of houses.

Are they an expensive choice?

This is the first thing that pops up in people’s mind the moment they hear a friend or a relative has decided to invest money in building a shipping container house. It is worth mentioning that these houses can cost even less than $100000, which is significantly cheaper than building a house or purchasing a new one for example. However, it is worth mentioning that these prices count for the case of purchasing a used shipping container, because in case of a new one, the price is obviously much higher.

Can these homes be insulated?

Yes, they can be insulated and it is recommended to do so. You should look for the best insulation company in order to make sure you benefit from the best results. If the insulation it is not made properly, there are high chances the container will not be inhabitable. You will not be able to stay in it during the cold season, since the temperature will be too low, while during the hot season it will be too hot to stay inside the shipping container house. There are various methods to insulate the container, so you might want to ask for the advice of some professionals in order to make sure you make the right decision.

What are the advantages?

Besides being a cheaper alternative to the traditional houses, one great advantage of choosing shipping container houses is that they are more eco-friendly. It is important to know that by recycling a shipping container, people save more than 3000 kg of steel from the earth’s natural resource, which is a good way to preserve and protect the planet. What is more, besides the environmentally friendly aspect, homes made out of shipping containers are quite impressive. Everyone will turn around to take a better look at your house, especially if you decide to build a modular house, made out of more containers.

Where can I find shipping containers?

If you have decided to take this step and build a shipping container house, then you might be wondering where you can buy such containers. It is worth mentioning that there is no national database where people can search for dealers and come in contact with them in order to establish the conditions of a safe purchase, but this does not mean that you cannot look in other places. You can go to the local port and ask around about this matter.

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