From jobless to a successful career in France

Everyone knows France due to its amazing sceneries and bohemian air floating in Paris, and the worldly famous Tour Eiffel, which is the main location chosen by people who want to propose to their loved ones. However, besides all the romance, France is also a country that provides great job opportunities in a wide range of industries. It may happen sometimes though, that people are left jobless. Well, when this happens, make sure you follow this guide to reach the peak of a successful career in the domain you are most interested in.

First, know that you can obtain unemployment benefits

Although you have no job now, the French government won’t let you this way for too long. This is why they implemented a special program through which they can help jobless people find a job to suit their qualifications, level of knowledge and interests. For this, you will have to go to the closest Pôle emploi and submit an application to receive these unemployment benefits. Make sure you bring all the necessary documents with you and file a claim in order to prove that you are eligible for this. Keep in mind that there are some strict criteria related to who receives unemployment benefits and who doesn’t.  

Attend reviews and update your status constantly

Once you have received these unemployment benefits, you have some responsibilities to take care of and one of them is related to actualiser situation 93 on a regular basis. In case there are any changes happening in your life that are related to the documents you submitted to the Pôle emploi such as you got married and changed your name or you actually found a job you like, you immediately need to update your status and announce the authorities.

Also, when applying for obtaining unemployment benefits, you will have to attend some review meetings during which you will be taught how to sharpen your skills on your job search and find the perfect job for yourself.

Be prepared for a career change

You may worked in a specific domain up until a few weeks ago, when you were left unemployed. Think very well if you loved your job or not, if you enjoyed the domain and your colleagues. There is nothing wrong in changing your perspectives and trying something new in a field that has nothing to do with what you did until then. A career change may be exactly what you need without even realising it yet.

Self-teaching is a good option

If you decided to have a career change, know that France is just the perfect place for such “experiments”. Since you have countless job opportunities in all possible fields, chances for you to find a job in a specific industry you are interested in are much higher than in other countries. Make sure that if you opt for a career change you start learning as much as you can on that domain. It is important to have at least some basic knowledge on what that domain is about when you apply for jobs.

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