Getting ready for Christmas with ribbons

Christmas is quickly approaching and there are a lot of things on your list that need to be taken care of. You have to prepare dinner, buy the presents, clean the house and decorate the tree. Also, this time is about family. You have to spend time together. Looking at things from a different perspective might make you realize that Christmas is a rather complicated matter. Still, it can be so beautiful. Plus, with a bit of creativity you could turn this complicated time into a great family activity and mix pleasure with work. All you need are ribbons and you can find them on or other dedicated websites. The idea is to invest in products that are of a high quality and can be used again next year. Prepare yourself for three Christmas tree decorations you can make together with your kids, at home.

Ribbon Christmas wreaths


When buying ribbons online, you need to make sure that you have lots of them. You will need them and use them, each one, to the very last.  You need a plastic circle, preferably a thicker one. Start choosing the ribbons you want to add to your wreath. Now start tying the ribbons on the wreath. If the circle is thick enough, you can glue them on its surface. Make sure you follow a pattern, so the wreath will be exactly as you had imagined it!


Ribbon garlands


All Christmas trees need Garlands. When buying the ribbons, make sure that you are investing in Christmas ones, those that carry the pattern. You need a lace or a thicker string. Ribbons should be tied or glued on to this string, then hung in the tree. Make sure you place enough ribbons, so the string will not be noticed.


Labels, wood and ribbons


An ingenious idea of a Christmas decoration would be to use words in the tree. You need chalkboard labels, small pieces of wood of the size of the labels, string and ribbons. Think of a work that defines Christmas. Write it down on the label! The label should be attached or glued onto the piece of wood. Now, glue a string to the wood that will serve as hanger. Tie the ribbon as close to the pieces of wood as possible. You could even glue the bow to it.


The fun thing about Christmas decorations is that you can set your mind free and discover all sorts of ways to use the ribbon in the tree! It is a fun process, in which you and your family could really connect.

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