Great Tips for Keeping Your Pool Crystal Clear

Having a pool is the perfect way to keep cool when the hot summer months come, but it’s not all fun and games with owning a pool, because you have to keep the pool and the water in it clean to be able to use it.
If you are lucky enough to have a pool of your own, you should read the following lines to find out some great tips for keeping the pool crystal clear, making it safe for being used by keeping it like this.

Let the robot work for you

Instead of going through the tiring process of cleaning the pool’s floor and walls, and to clean the water yourself, it’s better to invest in a robotic pool cleaner and let it handle the job for you while you get to sit and tan. If you are unfamiliar with these devices, you can learn more about robotic pool cleaners, an expert site where you can find helpful information about these devices. In a nutshell, robotic pool cleaners are easy to use, they come at various prices which make them affordable for everyone, and they are the ideal tool for cleaning a pool without having to move an inch yourself.

Automatic pool cleaners can efficiently clean the pool from debris of any kind and size, prolonging the life of your pool’s main filter by doing this, and they scrub the walls and the floor of the pool as well, and due to the fact that they do this on their own, you don’t have to step in at all. If you are planning on buying an electric pool cleaner and you don’t know which one to choose, on you will find informative articles that will help you compare the most convenient cleaners and pick the best one.

“Shock” the water once a week

It might sound bothersome, but at least once a week you should “shock” your pool water, meaning that you have to super-chlorinate it to kill any lingering algae and bacteria. These types of treatments can be found in any pool supply store, and they don’t take a lot of money out of your wallet, therefore don’t skip on super-chlorinating your pool every week to keep it clean and safe for using.

Maintain proper chemical levels

To truly keep the water in your pool crystal clear, you have to maintain proper chemical levels at all times, and what you must monitor to keep the water sparkly are the chlorine and the pH.
Chlorine is able to keep the pool clean and clear due to the fact that is softens the water, and it kills all the bacteria and germs found in it, and because the pool’s pH level influences how effective the chlorine will be in keeping the water clean, you have to measure the chlorine and pH level of the water in your pool about twice a week.

For the water in the pool to be perfect, the chlorine level has to measure 1.0-3.0 parts per million, and if it measures below 1.0 parts per million, you have to replenish the chlorine supply. When it comes to the pH level of the water, it has to be between 7.2-7.6, and if it exceeds the upper limit, you have to use sodium bisulphate and muriatic acid to lower it, and if the pH level is lower than it should be, you can use sodium carbonate to reduce the acidity and raise the pH.

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