Have you ever asked why do teenagers try drugs?

You should not have the misconception that all the teenagers who try drugs and alcohol are inherently bad children. If you will talk with parents the majority of them will tell you that teenagers experiment with substances because they are rebellious. It is true that some of them are rebellious and this is why they start using alcohol and drugs, but the majority of teenagers start doing it for many other reasons. It is important for parents to put themselves in the role of teenagers in order to understand why they start using drugs and alcohol, and what they are experiencing. If you understand your children, then you will be able to help them break their addiction.

Teenagers get bored quickly

Teenagers state that they start using alcohol and drugs because they are really bored. They say that when they are depressed or sad they consider that substances will help them forget about their problems and they will feel happier. The majority of teenagers who start using substances because of boredom can break the use only if they get help in luxury treatment centers

Teenagers are curious

Humans are curious beings and it is known that teenagers are not immune to this urge. Numerous teenagers start using drugs because they are curious about the effects these substances have. Young people often have the illusion that nothing can harm them. They know that drugs are bad, but they think that they will not develop an addiction because they are stronger than their friends are. In order to help your children you should educate them on the repercussions of substance use. In case they have developed an addiction, then need professional help in holistic treatment centers because teenagers find more difficult to fight with their addictions.

Teenagers have weight issues

Female teenagers are always in a fight with their weight, and they are never happy with what the scale is showing them. So, they prefer an easy path, they start using drugs, especially cocaine, to lose weight quickly. This is the period when they become conscious of their body and they desperately want to fit the norm and to get the attention of boys with the way they look. Also, they struggle with getting the perfect body, the one promoted by social media.

Teenagers are stressed

Even if some have the misconception that teenagers have no reason to be stressed, they face quite stressful and overwhelming periods, because they have a busy schedule that includes school classes and extracurricular activities. Because they do not have the needed skills to cope with this stressful period of their life, they consider that if they use drugs they can relax and stop being exhausted.

Teenagers have low self-esteem

During adolescence, the majority of teens have a self-destructive behavior, because they do not like their psychical appearance. Their families, friends and social media put pressure on teenagers to act and look a certain way. This makes them lose confidence in themselves and they use drugs and alcohol to escape this pressure.

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