How is IPL different from laser hair removal?

When looking for treatment options for permanent hair removal, you will definitely come across laser hair removal and IPL. A search on the Internet will convince you of the fact that IPL is frequently mistaken for laser treatment. In the world of beauty, laser hair removal designates a variety of techniques that are used to remove unwanted hair with the help of a light source. Since its introduction in 1990, laser hair removal has started a trend in the beauty industry and now it is deeply engraved in the culture. However, laser hair removal is not the same thing as light induction therapy. Even though the two forms of cosmetic treatment are based on light technology, there are significant differences. If you are wondering what IPL Brisbane is, you should carefully read this article.


Both of the aforementioned treatments imply the production of light, which is absorbed into the dark pigment of the hair and induces damage to the hair follicle. The main goal of intense pulsed light and laser hair removal is to destroy the hair root and implicitly reduce its growth. But is the use of light necessarily beneficial on dark pigment? Light is efficiently absorbed by dark objects, to which it is most frequently attracted. This explains why wearing dark clothes in the summer is better than wearing white clothes. Laser energy is absorbed at a faster rate by dark material, or pigment. The dark target matter is naturally-occurring or it can be induced artificially.

The 3 characteristics of laser

Laser hair removal refers to the process of using specific wavelength in order to damage the hair follicle and thus inhibit hair growth. For hair removal, the laser emits a single beam of light to target the melamine in the hair. The wavelength that that laser emits has three main characteristics. First of all, the laser is monochromatic, which means that the light that is emitted from the laser is of one wavelength. In addition to this, the laser is coherent. This means that the light does not cancel itself out and that it differs from ordinary light which is made up of waves of the same wavelength. Last but not least, the light waves are parallel and divergent, which means that the laser light is highly powerful since it is almost 100% effective in treating hair reduction.

How is intense pulsed light different?

The first difference between the laser and intense pulsed light is the fact that the wavelength emitted by IPL contains multiple wavelengths, as opposed to only one beam of light. The importance of the wavelength is that different ones are absorbed by different colours. What the treatment targets is the colour of the hair follicle and IPL is suitable for persons with light skin. Although it takes a couple of series in order to see visible results, it is worth the effort. Intense pulsed light penetrates below the surface of the skin and damages the melanin and the blood vessels that create broken capillaries. The result is a more even skin tone and collagen stimulation. With laser treatment, you have to have two treatments, whereas IPL combines them.

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