How to care for your floors

Floor maintenance should be the main occupation for any homeowner. The floors in your home attract dust, dirt and scraps, reason why it is important to clean them on a regular basis. Clean, shiny floors are a reflection of your home, so you should not neglect this important step in general housekeeping. It is actually less expensive to maintain a floor than to repair or even replace it.  But how do you keep your floors looking at their best? In the floor cleaning process you will need some commercial cleaners and obviously a good mop. You can find these supplies and many more at online stores like Here are the golden rules of floor maintenance, regardless of what type of finish you have.


  • 2 Dust sweeping
  • 3 Mopping the floor
  • 4 A few rules for floor cleaning
  • 5 Floor cleaning safety measures
  • How to care for your floors


    Dust sweeping

    The easiest way to maintain a floor is to dust mop it. Dust mopping is meant to remove abrasives, such as sand, dirt and dust. The less particles are on your floor, the longer the finish will last and shine. Generally speaking, dust sweeping should be done at least once a day. However, in high traffic areas, such as the kitchen, you should perform this task several times a day. If there are food particles on the floor, then it will be harder for you to mop. So, what you should do is tidy up the area. Not only should you sweep the floor, but also vacuum it to make sure that you have removed all the food and dust particles.

    Mopping the floor

    Once you have tidied up the floor area, it is time to fill your mop bucket. Mix hot water with an amount of floor cleaning solution, but carefully read the direction on the label. Next, start mopping. This is the least complicated task, all you have to do being to plunge your mop into the water and getting to work. What is important to remember is to rinse the floor once you have finished. The reason why you should give the floor an extra rinse is to protect your children and pets. You can easily do this by washing the mop you have used and going over the area once again with plain water.

    A few rules for floor cleaning

    The first to keep in mind is that you should never use ammonia or harsh, abrasive cleaners. If you have hardwood floors, do not use furniture sprays on the floor because they will leave a slippery build-up. What you should be using is cleaner that is especially designed for your type of floor. Since there are many types on the market, you will find one that works for your floor. Avoid trying to make your own cleaning solutions and last but not least use appropriate cleaning supplies.

    Floor cleaning safety measures

    People with children and pets will have to clean the floor more frequently than others, but they will also have to be careful regarding the products that they use. Toddlers as well as your pets will touch the floor, and this is why it is important to use the least toxic products available. Even though floor cleaning products are great for eliminating grime, they can cause irritation. You too should always use rubber gloves to protect your hands.

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