How to choose a boarding kennel for your furry BFF

If you’re leaving town for an extended period of time, it’s necessary to make some preparations. Get all the bills taken care of, tune up the alarm system, and figure out what you’re going to do with your pet while you’re away. A boarding kennel is able to offer your furry BFF quality care and provide peace of mind. It’s the best alternative to using a sitter.

You can avoid the anxiety of traveling with a dog, not to mention that you’ve got a place where they’re welcomed and expected. Needless to say, not all boarding kennels are created equal. Looking on the Internet or through the Yellow Pages isn’t enough to find a good kennel. If you’re willing to leave your pet behind, keep in mind these tips when choosing a place to stay for your four-legged friend.


Ask a friend, neighbor, or veterinarian

It’s important to make sure that you’re sending your dog to a reputable kennel gardermoen that will genuinely look after your pet, providing them much-needed love and care. Modern kennels are spacious and clean. Your friends or neighbors don’t have the necessary experience to take care of your four-legged friend, especially if you’re going on a long, long trip. But they may be able to offer a good recommendation.

Better yet, reach out to your veterinarian. They are your best bet when it comes to making a knowledgeable recommendation. Instead of googling “boarding kennels near me”, you’re better off asking your veterinarian if they know a good place. They’ve been treating your best friend for years and you can completely trust their decision-making. Whether you need a boarding kennel or kattehotell, speak to the veterinarian.

Make sure to tour the kennel

Most boarding kennels have a veterinarian on-premises, which is good news. If your furry BFF has health problems while you’re out of town, the people at the dyreklinikk nittedal will take good care of them. As you look into options, it’s a good idea to take a tour of the kennel beforehand. The shelter should be well-lit and in good condition. You should be suspicious if you see traces of urine or if the roof is about to fall.

Most importantly, the kennel shouldn’t be overcrowded. Your dog will experience feelings of strain and pressure. Talk to the staff and see how many animals they accommodate on a given basis and how many caretakers are there.

Prepare your furry BFF for the departure

Spend extra time with your furry BFF before leaving town. A few extra snuggles can go a long way. If your four-legged friend experiences separation anxiety, let the boarding kennel know that. If the anxiety is too intense, it’s not recommended to leave your dog alone. You should better take your pet with you. Most dogs respond well to calming supplements, which reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Your furry BFF will miss you and you’ll miss them. Remember not to show anxiety. Animals can pick up on emotions, so your pet will automatically become anxious. It’s best to keep your calm.

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