How to handle an indoor flooding

All people have to deal with a burst pipe at one point in their life and when this happens the actions they take immediately after will seriously influence their restoration costs. This is why it is very important to handle damage control as soon as possible and take the following actions:

Try to stop the source of the flooding

If a pipe burst in your home, you should stop the water immediately in order to prevent any further damage to your home. Locate the nearest tap or faucet and close it as tight as possible. Keep in mind that you might have to close the main water supply in order to stop the water from coming into your home. The situation can also be more difficult depending on the pipe that burst. In the most fortunate case, it was a pipe with clean water and in the worst case scenario it could be the bathroom evacuation pipe. Regardless of the situation, your first action should be stopping the flooding. Furthermore, turn off the electricity in your home, as an indoor flooding always comes with electrocution danger.

Call a team of restoration specialists

After having stopped the source of the flooding, you should can an Edmonton water damage restoration company to help you. Many people try cleaning themselves, but they do not have the necessary resources to evacuate all the water from the premises and to dry everything properly. The team of specialists will know how to approach the situation, clean and dry your home properly. The problem with water damage is that its effects are not always visible right away. You may believe that you have taken care of the problem and realize you have a mold situation on your hands a few weeks later. This is why working with professionals is a much better choice rather than trying to handle this problem on your own.

Remove all goods that could be affected by the water

After having called a water damage restoration company, the next step is to start clearing the affected area. Any piece of furniture that can be salvaged should be removed and dried as soon as possible in order to prevent any further damage. If you have any valuable possessions you should also clear them as soon as possible. The items that you cannot move on your own will be handled by the restoration company that comes to your home, but you should do your best to clear up some space before they arrive in order to allow them to make a clear idea about the situation and come up with the best possible damage control plan.


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