How to overcome traumatic past events

Traumatic events affect our perception on the world and everything in our lives. They can leave us depressed, anxious, with a constant feel of fear, and they oftentimes lead to distancing from our families. However, even if we are not able to make sense of our lives, certain specialists, like these Bristol counsellors might indeed help us overcome those unpleasant feelings. Generally, childhood traumas are those affecting our lives the most, but let’s see how you can overcome emotional issues with a little help from these specialists.

1. Counsellors can help identify the triggers affecting you

People suffering from past traumas become easily upset at the simple mention of the name of someone, a simple action, or visiting a certain place. However, many of them are unaware about this fact and they struggle to overcome bad feelings by themselves. Talking to a counsellor might help you understand better the triggers that lead to those unpleasant feelings. This is the first step in overcoming them and reaching a comfortable level with them.

2. Talking to a counsellor is therapeutic

 The simple fact that you discuss your issues and someone is truly listening can have a therapeutic effect. Also, counsellors not only are excellent listeners, they also propose solution and exercises to do by yourself, so you become more aware about your feelings and what causes them.

3. A flexible approach for every patient

While some patients are flexible and opened to therapy and change, others show resiliency and it is quite difficult to find an approach appropriate for them. However, counsellors show high levels of persistence in finding the perfect therapy for each and every patient. Although not all patients tolerate well exposure therapies, recalling those traumatic events might change their perception on them. Integrating and accepting them as parts of our existence in the healing process contributes a lot in the process, and counsellors can find a perfect approach to integrate them without triggering the patient and causing further trauma. This way, PTSD diminishes and patients ultimately learn to live with their pasts and triggers disappear almost completely.

4. Find a perfect counsellor

A counsellor should always be impartial, highly trained and with a great experience with different human typologies. Because not all of us react the same to therapy, this is an attribute to look forward to when choosing a therapist. Also, make sure your counsellor has the ability to offer a security feeling so you experience your sessions with minimum amount of anxiety.

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