How to use your uniform as a tax deduction


If you have to buy a smart suit for your job, or you need to invest in a new uniform, then you should know that these expenses are valid for applying for a tax deduction. But you should also know that there are certain conditions you have to meet if you want to get the deduction, so it is important to check the regulations. The work clothes that you can wear as evening clothes or street clothes are not deductible, so you have to make sure that you have access to information. If you want to claim a tax rebate UK, then you should know that the articles have to be mandatory for your job and they are not suitable for wearing them on a daily basis. Here are some steps you will have to follow when you want to get a deduction for uniform.

Determine which articles are usable and necessary for work

This is the first step you have to take, because you have to know exactly which ones of the articles you wear are necessary for your job and you cannot wear them outside the office. Also, you should know that it is not enough to buy clothes for your work and never wear them outside the office. HM Revenue and Customs considered that in some cases can be accepted deductions for hard dates, theatrical costumes and other safety gear. However, among the deductible items do not qualify the white dress shirts, overalls, and bibs, even if they are required by your job. For example, if your employer asks you to wear a costume at the office, you will not get a tax rebate for it, because you can wear it on a wedding or other similar event. These occasions do not relate to work, so you are not a good candidate for the rebate.

Check your employer’s policies

You have to make sure that you have a copy of your employer’s policy. For example, if you are a pilot, you have to bring proof that your employer asked you to wear shoes that are not suitable for daily wear. You will have to bring proof that you have to polish them regularly and the HM Revenue and Customs may offer you a deduction.

Make sure to save the receipts

If the HM Revenue and Customs makes question you will have to bring the receipts to show them the sum of money you spent on the clothes you want to get a deduction for. Also, you will have to keep the receipts for shoe shining and tailoring services, dry cleaning, and tailoring services. You will have to keep them because these costs are also deductible.

Claim the deduction

The final step is to claim a deduction, and if you consider that you are not prepared for this, you can ask the help of a professional. You should include the clothing costs with the other ones you want to get a rebate for. But you have to know that they are deductible to the extent of no more than 2 percent of your gross income.

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