Idea for the garden: Use ribbon, not string

You have a garden filled with all kinds of vegetables, including tomatoes. As you very well know, tomato plants require structural support. You cannot just leave them hanging. If the tomato plants grow along the ground, they tangle. When this happens, the tomatoes rot. What you need to do is tie tomato plants to stakes. If you want to enjoy flavourful tomatoes. Most people resort to using string to tie the tomato plants. In fact, they use string for all kinds of plants. However, this is not the best way to tie up plants. String is not strong enough, but ribbon is. Yes, ribbon like that found at can be used for anything from crafts and organising to gardening.

Why use ribbon instead of string

Sure, string is strong enough for most jobs, but it is not the ideal choice for tying up tomatoes or any other plant. String cannot handle the weight of the plant. Neither can it withstand the force of the wind. Ribbon, on the other hand, can. When using ribbon to secure plants in your garden, you do not have to worry that the branches will fall to the ground. You can leave home knowing that your precious tomatoes have the support they need. Even if it rains heavily, your garden will be just like you left it.

What kind of ribbon to use

It is needless to say that you cannot use just any type of ribbon. When it comes to gardening jobs, it is best to use wide ribbon. This type of material will not damage the plant lines and it lasts for many years to come. When the tomato plants grow, the ribbon will stretch, giving it the space it needs. With wide ribbon, you can create a great support system. What is certain is that the plants will thrive the rest of the season. If you have ribbon around the house, then put it to good use. If you are out of streamers, go online and order as many rolls of ribbon as you can afford. You can be sure that you will use all of them.

Are you still tempted to use string? Even if you are, refrain from using string to tie up your plants. This material will only make your life harder. If you want your precious tomatoes to grow big and strong, use ribbon. you will love how their colour contrasts with the green stems.

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