Key questions to ask an event planner before hiring them

You know how important is to organise an event when you launch a product, but if you have not done it before, you may need to hire an expert, to handle the organisation part. It is quite overwhelming to find the right person, especially when you have hundreds of candidates and they all seem to be reputable persons. How do you choose a single person? Before you hire someone, you should decide what the objectives of the event are. Establish your target public, and make a list of guests. Also, decide what message you want to communicate with the help of this event, and what its main goal is. In addition, before contacting the possible candidates you should establish your budget, because the event planner needs to know what sum they can spend.

Once you will determine these aspects, you should choose the best candidates for this position, and ask them some questions. Get to know them better, before hiring them.

What is your area of expertise?

This question will help you understand if the event organiser is the right person for your job. Ask, them what type of events they regularly plan, and if they can offer you some examples, of similar events they have planned.  If you want to organise a business-to-community event, and they are specialised in planning business-to-business events, they may not be the right person for you. The resource offer you more details on how to decide if the event planner you interview is the best candidate.

What services do you offer?

In order to know if the event planner is able to fulfil your requests, it is important to know from the beginning the type of services they offer. Ask them if they will find the venue, transportations means, and staffing, if they also provide catering and audio visual services, and if they will find accommodation for your guests. The experts from recommend to ask the planner to offer you a list of their favourite venues, it will help you figure out if you share the same values.

What do you include in your fee?

You want to make sure that the event planner can work within your budget, and you afford to hire them. It is crucial to avoid surprises and unexpected expenses. Ask them if they have a flat fee, what the cost-per-person is, when it comes to staffing; what the rate per hour is, and if there are other additional costs you should know about.

Who will be working on my event?

You have to know from the beginning who the contact person is, who you will meet when you will check the progress of the event, and who will handle the tasks. Make sure you ask the event planner if they work together with a team, or they work independently, and they will be the only person who will be there to help you during the event. According to the size and complexity of the event, you will decide if the event planner you are interviewing is the one you are looking for or not.

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