Learning about the most popular types of outdoor heaters

More often than not, people find themselves in the situation of not being able to leave their homes due to the cold weather. It is almost impossible for them to enjoy socialising and recreation during fall or cold spring months. However, there is one way to make the air warmer and increase the comfort of the patio. The solution is to invest in an outdoor heater. This radiant appliance will make your outdoor social areas a lot more attractive, but the efficiency largely depends on the type of convector that you choose. In what follows, you have an account of the main types of patio heaters and the most popular power options. This description will come in handy when you buy outdoor heat lamps.

Main types of patio heaters

Previously used for outdoor areas in restaurants, now patio devices are available to the wide public in a number of forms, such as free-standing units, lamps, and small mounted units.

  • Free-standing heaters

These units are very much similar to what you can observe in a restaurant and they are excellent for homeowners who want make wider area comfortable. Free-standing apparatus direct the warmth downwards and they are aesthetically pleasing. The reason why they are so convenient is that they can fit into very tight spaces. A standing lamp comprises a base that keeps the unit from falling over, a pole, a power source and a reflector.

  • Table top heaters

These centrepieces are fashionable, reason why it will certainly complement your décor. The look is very similar to free-standing units, the only difference being that they are a lot smaller. They are recommendable if you are looking to create an intimate atmosphere. While most tabletop convectors are electric-powered, they also function on propane.

  • Wall-mounted

Wall-mounted units, as the name clearly suggests, are mounted with great ease onto a wall or overhead structure and they are a good option for homeowners who do not have very much space. What is more, you can point the unit in any direction you want.

Fuel options  

Patio heaters are mainly based on the type of fuel that they use. Power is necessary in order to make the unit function and to provide output.

Propane is the most commonly used power source because it is highly versatile. The energy source comes in tanks which can be refilled when necessary. The propane tanks will not take up very much of your patio space and you can easily connect them to the unit. This is the reason why propane lamps are preferred in places where flexibility is necessary, such as residential settings.

Natural gas is another common option due to the fact that this kind of power is efficient. Devices that run on natural gas require electricity for the igniters, so you need to have an electrical source nearby. The good new is that they are able to warm large areas and you do not have to worry that you will run out of power.

Electricity may be the easiest method for fuelling your patio heater and many homes feature electrical outlets close to the patio. Thermal lamps that run on electricity are strong, but they have to be placed in a protected location.

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