Lego-style apartments – tips and tricks for small spaces


Small studio apartments are people’s first choice when they decide to move from their parents’ house or when they don’t have the right to live in a student dorm anymore. This is for sure a more affordable alternative, but in most cases, the space is just too small to move around easily. However, this only happens if you don’t know how to decorate your apartment in a Lego-like style. Check this link if you are interested in purchasing furniture designed for small spaces and read the article below to find out some useful tips for decorating small spaces.

Fold-out table and stools

Studio apartments usually have the bedroom, living room and kitchen all inside the same room. This can be quite inconvenient sometimes, because there are so many furniture items you need for each room, but you have to make do with what you have. A fold-out table and stools will make for a perfect solution and will help you win some space in your apartment. You can fold these items out whenever you need and fold them back and deposit in a proper place whenever you need to gain some extra space.

Coffee table with storage box

Every house needs a coffee table, no matter how small the house is. But why not take advantage of the entire space beneath the coffee table and turn it into a storage box? You should know that the market already provides storage box coffee tables, so all you have to do is some research and opt for the one that best matches with your décor.

Storage cabinet behind the door

Each house has some “dead space” that could be used and one very good example of unused space is behind a door. With a bit of imagination and proper tools, you can turn this space into a storage area. You can find on the market cabinets that can be easily mounted on any type of standard door, without scuffing or marking any surfaces. What you have to figure out is the things you want to deposit behind the door.

Wall mounted corner shelf

Many people tend to neglect the corner of a room, but they should know that this is just another “dead space” that could be turned into a storage area easy and fast. You can search for some wall mounted corner shelves on the Internet and opt for items that complete your apartment’s décor. You can deposit books, decorative pieces or photos here, as well as spices and condiments (in case you decide to mount it in the kitchen area).

Bathroom cabinets

Bathrooms in studio apartments are usually quite small too, so there is little space for large cabinets here. However, this does not mean you cannot take advantage of corners of the room for instance or of the space above the toilet. You can mount some cabinets on the wall too.

All in all, these useful tips should help you turn your studio apartment into a Lego-style living space where you can feel comfortable, relaxed and welcomed.

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