Outdoor Heaters that Will Make Your Patio Cozier in Winter

Using an outdoor heater will allow you to enjoy your patio during the cold days when the low temperatures force you to stay inside. You can create a durable and comfortable heat that covers the entire area using one of the following outdoor heaters that will make your patio cozier in winter.

Infrared heaters

Given that they are a very energy-efficient option and their heat is well-kept during winter, infrared heaters are often used for heating outdoor spaces like patios. The wide array of sizes and shapes guarantees that you will always find a model that will match the size and construction type of your patio and that the heat created will be very comfortable. You can opt for either a floor-standing model or a wall-mounted one like the Fire Sense that uses 1,500 watts of power to emit instant heat that reaches every corner of your patio. The comfortable heat is absorbed by your body and the objects on the patio so you can enjoy a lasting warmth. With this infrared heater, there are no harmful gas emissions and the heat it creates is not affected by air currents so you can install it on both sheltered and exposed patios. If you go for this type of heater, you should do some research on the bestheater.reviews site, so that you can see which units would best serve your needs.

Propane heaters

These heaters are also used for heating outdoor areas such as patios because they are easy to install and you can place them anywhere in the patio. They offer the advantages of convenience and mobility, although propane gas is not the least expensive fuel to opt for. If you were to opt for a propane outdoor heater, choose one that offers a wide coverage as the Mirage Bronze Heat-Focusing heater that uses 32,800 BTU to heat up to 120 sq. ft. This is a tall version that ensures optimal heat dispersion due to the heat-focusing reflectors that spread the heat.

Halogen heaters

Another efficient version of an outdoor heater that you can rely on in winter is the halogen type that emits a pleasant heat that spreads all over your patio. This model is lightweight and you can either place it on the floor or hang it from the walls or ceiling in order to enjoy the best area coverage. A great example is the Firefly Tilting halogen heater with a tilting head and an adjustable height so you can make sure the heat will reach you no matter where you are standing. The wide base offers it the right stability so you won’t have to worry about it flipping over and creating a hazard.

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