Places around the house where you can find scrap copper

In the past years, many people have found great opportunity in recycling scrap metal by taking it to some professional recycling companies and one of the most popular types of metals in this situation is copper. It is one of the most sought out types of metal in the industry, since it can be used in a range of things. If you are interested in making some profit out of scrap copper, it is recommended to search the internet thoroughly and to look for a professional company that provides services of copper recycling in Toronto. Here are some of the most common places around your house where you can find scrap copper.

TVs and monitors

It is true that there are many scrap yards that do not want to accept TVs or monitors due to the fact that these items are quite difficult to recycle. However, keep in mind that nearly all these screens have wires attached and you can snip them off yourself with only a pair of scissors. You can find these wires coming out the base of the screen, so you do not have to search for them for too long.


You can find copper wires inside monitor computers, this is true, but a better place to look for them is the desktop tower, since there you can find even a greater amount of insulated copper wires. After taking apart all the boards, hard drives and other components, you can separate the wires and add them to your amount of scrap copper you already have.

Large appliances and electronics

It is worth mentioning that there are some electronics that have wires not only on the outside, but also in the inside and some very good examples are DVD players, laptops and VCRs, where you can find numerous thin insulated copper wires. As far as large appliances are concerned such as refrigerators, dryers, washer machines, freezers and so on, you should know that they are also very good sources for steel loads, but before dumping these items to the recycling yard, you might want to take a look at the copper wires you can find inside of them.

Small appliances and electronics

There are definitely other smaller appliances inside your house that you can check for copper and some very good examples are AC units, blenders, fans, coffee makers, toasters and so on. Believe it or not, you can find some good amount of copper inside them, so ensure you have all insulated wires take off before dumping these items. Small electronics such as cell phones, handheld games, cameras and other ones can also be a very good scrap copper source.

As you can see, these are some of the most common places around the house where you can look for scrap copper. If you plan to take it to a recycling company, it is highly important to make sure you select a professional and trust-worthy one, so some detailed online research might be necessary in this case in order to benefit from the best results.

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