Planning a wedding like a pro – Practical tips


As a soon-to-be groom and bride, most likely, there is a lot of pressure on you two. Especially if you will be planning your reception by yourselves. However, there are plenty of unique wedding ideas you can find your inspiration in around the web, and some of them are even more than affordable! From a vintage tea party themed wedding reception, to a chic industrial (and inexpensive) one, and a couple of ideas to keep the children busy while their parents have a well-deserved share of fun, you can find numerous ideas below!

1. A chic, industrial-inspired barn reception

Timeworn wood, some industrial metal beams, muted beige walls, all in a barn. This is the perfect wedding reception idea if you’ll have a restricted number of guests, and if you have a countryside farm, you don’t even need to spend money on your reception’s location! More popular nowadays than ever, this wedding reception idea is perfect for couples with a small wedding budget. You can hire a couple of long wooden dining tables, the necessary amount of long benches and create an unique décor by adding delicate, translucent fabric, and integrating it beautifully in your layout. This is a great wedding reception idea even for city girls, since it became a go-to style for popular, chic bars and restaurant around the world. Play with textures, fabrics and patters. Combine that delicate translucent fabric with metallic ones for a greater impact.

2. A tea party themed wedding reception

If you find Alice’s tea party quite intriguing but you don’t want to go all the way down the rabbit hole, you can integrate small references. In terms of colors, pastels work amazing, and mint and pastel pink are some of the most popular choices. Ask your aunts and grannies to make a couple of sweet and savory treats and place them in beautiful jars for an open snack bar. Alternatively, see if your local bakery can deal with such an exciting task. A pretty pink punch (alcoholic or not) is another great idea for a beverage open bar, and a pro tip would be to hire a professional bartender to help you in the matter. For your table centerpieces, you can play with dimensions and textures, mixing elements being the greatest suggestion we could make.

3. Keep the children busy and entertained for their parent’s sake

You know how difficult it is to attend a wedding reception with small children. They are inattentive, hyperactive and whiny, making their parent’s night something similar to a nightmare. Make sure you have what it takes to keep them busy throughout the night. You can hire an entertainer that has experience with children of all ages. Alternatively, you could hire a photo booth to entertain them. Also, make sure you keep them busy with a miniature snack bar, but make sure it’s not too sugary. You don’t want to have above ten ultra-hyperactive children at your reception.

These are a couple of great wedding reception ideas everybody could easily accomplish with minimum efforts and a tight budget.


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