Prep up your house for a fast sale


Selling a property has never been easy. Especially if you choose to privately sell your home, not only you must make it presentable enough for increasing the number of potential buyers, but also you must meet potential buyers, answer to their e-mails, calls and messages. On the other hand, if you work with a real estate agency, you will find yourself dealing with fluctuating fees and inefficient approaches. However, there is the option of collaborating with an online estate agency, and as we found out. This comes with the benefit of having your property advertised efficiently and selling it in no time, at fixed fees. But let’s see how should you prep up your home to make it more appealing to potential buyers.

1. Make sure you have a plan, it helps you sell faster

Before taking steps for prepping your house and investing in diverse home improvements, you might want to have a conversation with your estate agency, even if they are only an online estate agency house sale specialised. Make sure you discuss with them what mandatory improvements you have to bring to your house, what requirements will make it sell faster and bring you a higher price. Make sure your effort is worth it, because in some cases, it might not be necessary. If you collaborate with a professional house buyer, you might not have to bring any type of improvements to your property. These specialists will offer a more than fair price for what your property is like currently. Thus, you won’t have to spend any further money.

2. A clutter free property will sell faster

Before making expensive improvements to your home, first, make sure the lack of good looks is not an effect of a cluttered home. Oftentimes, unnecessary objects will make it look less appealing and the owner only has to get rid of them. Start from the living area, and work your way through your house. Then, finish off with the garage and garden. You will be surprised by the stunning effect.

3. Greenery and flowers work wonders

The simplest way of making a house look more appealing is to plant some flowers. Moreover, this solution is not even expensive! This, and some basic lawn care actions will make your house pop up on a market dominated by poorly maintained properties. Make sure you impress the right people by applying this simple and inexpensive strategy.

4. Depersonalise the space

Take out those photos of yours; make it as impersonal as you possibly can. People find it difficult to imagine themselves living in other’s houses, and if you want to increase your property’s appeal, this is the perfect way of doing so.

5. “Stage” your house

That bathroom of yours, make sure you prep it up a little. Add some flowers, add good lighting, do the same in your living room. Make it impersonal, yet comfy. This is what buyers are searching for.


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