Prepare for welcoming a baby

Nothing is more wonderful than the feeling of waiting a baby, a little one will change your life forever, and you are anxious of meeting her or him. But during the 9 months of waiting you have to do a lot preparation, to be sure that you are ready to welcome your little bundle of joy. Therefore you have to transform one of the rooms of the house in nursery, and you have to purchase or make suitable accessories for decorating it. You have the possibility to invest in grosgrain ribbon, an element which will allow you makeover a lot of accessories, for transforming them into suitable ones for this room. But you do not have to focus only on the nursery, you have to prepare your whole house.

Transform the house

Having a baby does not mean that s/ he will stay only in the nursery, sooner than you imagine, s/he will go out and explore the rest of the house. So, you should decorate it in a way to make him/her feel comfortable. You should invest in quality carpets, because for some months your baby will crawl around, and even when s/he starts walking you have to be sure that s/he falls on something smooth. You will have to transform your whole house into a playground, and take care to remove any item which might harm your little one. You have to remove any sharp furniture item from the rooms where you know your baby will spend time.

Decorating the nursery

The most important item you have to purchase when you decorate a nursery is the crib. Depending on the size and shape of the room, you can place it in the middle of the room, or near one of the walls. You can hang on its top ribbon stripes in different colours for protecting your little one from outside light, and other similar factors. Also, if you want to customise yourself the blankets and cushions, you can use ribbon in different colours and sizes, and sew them on their edges. In addition, you can create beautiful ribbon bows which can be placed on the sides of the crib for a more beautiful look. In case you will have a baby girl, you should purchase pink ribbon and use it to create tutu skirts and stick them on a canvas, for decorating the walls. Also, you can create a ribbon chandelier for decorating the nursery, or any other room of the house.

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