Putting together the perfect 50s outfit – the guide

The 50s were definitely characteristic for elegance and decency. The wardrobe of most women during this period were filled with beautiful dresses and gorgeous accessories. This is why it is so tricky to put together a genuine 50s outfit. Of course, it is not impossible and you only need to take your time to select the appropriate pieces. This short guide should help you with that. Follow the tips listed below and the outfit should turn out perfect:


The fabrics you should opt for when it comes to the 50s outfits are quite luxurious, and they can be expensive if you don’t know where to look. The fabrics of the respective age were velvet, silk, and satin. They were expensive then, and they are just as expensive today, so it would be best to search in thrift stores for basic pieces made of these materials that can be combined beautifully in a vintage outfit. Thrift stores are full of fashion gems, so if you are willing to spend some time looking, do it without second thoughts. The cheaper alternative for the 1950s inspired outfits would be polyester or rayon. These fabrics can be used with all sorts of purposes, from creating plain shirts to nightgowns and suits. Buy the materials and choose a Christian Dior inspired a look. Make sure to pick a good tailor for this look.


You can’t skip this part if you want to compose a 50s outfit. Women in the 1950s used jewellery as a sign of well-grooming. The 1954 Woman’s Weekly edition stated that women should carefully select the jewellery they add to an outfit. You should only wear a pair of simple earrings, a fine necklet, and an elegant bracelet. White beads are appropriate for the summer season and gilt is for winter time. You can find vintage jewellery that matches the 50s style online. Such pieces are truly a treasure that all women want to own.


The shoe type that took over women’s fashion in the 50s was the stiletto. As you may have noticed, this trend came back rapidly. The shoes were elegant and featured tall ultra-thin heels. Most stiletto shoes had tall arches and V-shape cuts on the sides. The most suitable way to combine a 50s inspired outfit would be to incorporate a pair of tall, red stiletto pumps. If you don’t feel like you can manage walking on stilettos, kitten heel shoes are appropriate too. Kitten heels were mostly used in evening wear outfits, so make your choice wisely.  

To complete the look, don’t forget to add a pair of vintage gloves, a matching hat, and an elegant bag. 50s women paid tremendous attention to accessorizing their outfits the right way. Most women used to wear gloves, especially before 1955. Opt for a pair of white, wrist-length gloves with embroidered details on them. For an evening look, you should look for an elbow-length pair of satin gloves. Dye the gloves according to your gown’s colour.  

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