Rock Out With These 5 Snazzy Looks From Lularock

Lularock is a multi-label boutique that prioritises emerging designers and hard to find labels along with highly individualistic fashion pieces. Users are able to find a plethora of fashion pieces that cater to their personality in the online store. Here are some looks you can consider when browsing through Lularock:

Change Your Mind Top

The Change Your Mind top by Alice McCall makes use of colour theory with contrasting black and white. This button down front top is created with a mixture of black sheer material and white scallop details in strong clean thick white outlines for shape. In addition, there are also black paneling added to the Change your mind top for added layer and texture. The Change Your Mind top can be worn well with a high waisted skirt, a pair of jeans and simple heels for a casual artistic appeal.


Appeal to the flower child in yourself with this little cheerful number. The Amorita dress from Sretsis is a delightful mix of Rayon, polyester and cotton woven and blended into creation. The highlights of the Amoritas consists of embroidered colourful flowers against the front that stands out against the warm colours of the dress, a rope and tassel opening, metallic thread for patterns, piping and lining. If you are looking for a simple yet outstanding dress, then the Amorita is right for you.

Embellished Prom Dress

Quirky and interesting, the Embellished Prom Dress from the House of Holland is certainly a beautiful blend of unique yet delightful things. Available in navy, the Embellished Prom Dress is printed with different motifs like lipsticks, wine glasses and lobsters in shiny sequins for a luxurious yet fun touch. Another notable thing about this House of Holland dress is that the Embellished Prom dress comes with a pink cancan layer underneath for a brilliant colour contrast.

Skirt Fil Coupe

The Skirt Fil Coupe skirt from the Au Jour Le Jour contains the signature elements from designers Mirko Fontana and Diego Marquez. Featuring a playful fun print of ducks in vivid vibrant colours, the artistic dress is for the youthful and the fun with it’s interesting bold choices. To match it up, the skirt also contains a slit to reveal some skin in a mischievous manner. If you are looking for a fun choice that emphasises on your daring bold nature, this skirt can be the best for you when paired with statement shirts or plain shirts.

Two Tone Midi Skirt

Fashioned by Edit, this Two Tone Midi Skirt is the ideal skirt choice to wear in order to achieve both formality and playfulness at the same time. A classic style full skirt that is created using striking print and muted colours, the Two Tone Midi Skirt is an excellent go-to for virtually any occasions. It is excellent for creating contrast without being too vivid. When paired with a dark top and heels, it helps wearers create the very picture of sophistication and playfulness coming together.
Of course these are just some of the fashion pieces in the collections that can be found on Lularock. To view more interesting fashion pieces, you can browse through the official website by the designer menu.

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