Exotic and Unusual Romantic Getaway Ideas for Couples

Whether you are planning your honeymoon or just wish to spice things up in your relation, an exotic destination can bring you the thrills and fresh vibe you are looking for. The Earth is filled with magnificent places where luxuriant vegetation crosses history and culture, revealing the most inciting and adventurous activities. Big cities with explosive nightlife, dreamy beaches, the hot desert or a nice cenote, they are all awaiting, so it’s time to make up your mind and choose the perfect place for you and your partner.

The destination should match your spirit, so you should decide from the beginning if you are looking for adventure or a luxurious place to lay down and admire the endless ocean. Nonetheless, a thing is certain: it shouldn’t be average, and it shouldn’t be boring, exactly like the getaway ideas we’ve chosen for our article, so keep reading to find out more and maybe find the one that’s perfect for you.

Catch the Midnight Sun in Helgeland, Norway

There’s nothing more exotic than a stranger planet, and this is exactly how you’ll fill in Helgeland, the most southerly district in Northern Norway. Situated just below the Arctic Circle, it will impress you with one of the most unusual phenomena: a sun that goes up in the sky and doesn’t set for 24 hours. This happens during the summer, so this is the moment to visit. Constant light means more time to explore the sights and get the most of the local activities like kayaking or night-time golfing. Plus, the midnight sun spreads a special light which enhances colors, so you will be able to take marvelous pictures.

Enroll on a Jet Sky Safari on the Aegean Sea in Santorini, Greece

What sais romanticism better than the pure, wild nature? John Keats knew it, William Blake sang it, so maybe it’s time for you to discover it. Take your partner to a jet sky ride over the impressive blue Aegean waters, and get dazzled by the huge cliffs and breathtaking landscapes created by volcanic eruptions. Santorini is a mysterious island, so make sure you unravel all of its secrets.

Explore the Tropical Rainforest in Taveuni, Fiji

Adventurous couples will adore the wild landscapes, dominated by tropical waterfalls, canyons, rivers, and creeks. The terrain is variate, including both mountains and waters, so you will be able to practice a wide range of sports, including climbing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. However, the best adventure will be climbing on the Des Voeux Peak, which implies crossing the tropical forest until you reach an altitude of 1195 meters. The fauna is amazing, and the view from the top of the mountain will leave you without breath.

Go Paddle Boarding on the Danube in Bratislava

One of the most unique locations to paddleboard as you get the chance to do in on a river, not a lake, Bratislava is a European country that is sure to surprise you as a first-time visitor. Whether you rent the board or get yourself a top-tier stand up paddle board for this experience, make sure that it is an all-around model so that you benefit from added stability and are kept on course without putting much effort into it yourself.

The guides speak English quite well as opposed to hosting you receive in other countries, so there won’t be a language barrier at all. Moreover, the friendliness of the folk combined with the beautiful sceneries you get to enjoy as you ride the board on the Danube makes it a memorable experience. Seeing how this is a country not many tourist guides talk about avidly as it isn’t an expensive location but rather a low-key one, you are sure to pleasantly surprise your significant other with your ingeniousness.

Discover the Traditions of the Himbia People in Namibia, South Africa

Learn how to prepare otjize paste, a mixture of ochre pigment and butterfat that is used by the Himbia population as a protection against the sun and extreme heat. It has a powerful symbolism, being seen as the richness of the earth or the essence of life. The women keep their upper part naked and covered only in the red substance, while a lot of time is invested in making jewelry and arranging their hair.

Redefine Love with the Amazingly-Scented Porto Wine in Portugal

Tasting wine might not seem like the most exotic experience and if you think this way, it’s clear you haven’t discovered yet the historic cellars in Porto. You will need a full day to visit the main wine centers, and we guarantee you will end your day happier and more relaxed (and maybe a bit tipsy). The history is overwhelming, with traditions going back for hundreds of years. Plus, you will taste some incredible food that will round up the whole experience.

Hold Hands while Snorkeling in Bora Bora

Crystal-clear water, a generous sun, and exciting wildlife make Bora Bora the perfect place for underwater exploration. The calm waters allow you to take incredible pictures, and you will be able to admire the coral reefs or closely watch manta rays, sharks and exotic fish swimming in their natural habitat. Moreover, if you are SUP fans, you can bring your stand up paddle boards and hit the waves.

Learn how to Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina

When you first arrive, try to locate the best ‘milongas’ around your accommodation place. These are the locations where people come to dance the tango or admire the pros. You can enroll in a class and learn how to dance this passionate dance with your partner, and then keep it going all night until the dance fever leaves you tired and happy.

Ride a Hot Air Balloon in Bagan, Myanmar

In the morning, the hot air balloons rise upon the magnificent temples of Bagan, so the tourist can see the sun rising and enjoy the fresh air of India. Although the experience is a bit pricey, it is unmatchable, with colorful landscapes rising in your way. Plus, you’ll get plenty of pictures, so you can lock this memory forever.

Experience Bathing in a Hammam in Marrakech, Marocco

Hammams are local bathhouses where people come for different treatments, including sauna or therapeutic baths. The ritual involves stripping down and dipping into an ice-cold pool, designed to get the blood flowing and give you a nice refreshing sensation. You can also get an exfoliating massage or visit the sauna for a complete SPA treatment.

Try Bungee-Jumping in Canton of Ticino, Switzerland

Contra Dam is known as one of the best places for bungee-jumping in Europe. It became famous after a stuntman jumped off it for the opening scene of 1995 GoldenEye, so maybe it’s time to experience some extreme thrills yourself. Moreover, Canton Of Ticino has plenty of things to offer, so after you’ve taken your adrenaline dose, you can choose to hike the Mont San Salvatore or do some skiing in the Alps.

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