Save Money by Growing Your Own Veggies

If you are worried that the vegetables that you buy from the supermarket are not fresh and neither healthy, then you should find other options. Organic foods are generally very expensive and it’s not really worth spending too much money on vegetables that you can actually grow at home, in your outdoor or indoor garden. So, if you want to learn how to grow fresh and delicious vegetables on your own, make sure to follow our tips, as presented in the article below.

Evaluate your space

Once you have found the best location for starting a veggie garden, you need to look at the space you have to work with and think about what you are planning to do with it, how many vegetables you are planning to plant and so on. If you have limited space, you can consider planting your vegetables in pots or other containers or make a vertical garden, with plants hanging from a shelf or the wall. A great tip to save money when using containers to plant your veggies is to buy them from garage sales. You can find a variety of shapes and sizes but remember that the terra cotta or simple plastic pots are the best ones.

Watering your garden

Before you start planting your vegetables, it’s important to determine how you are going to water your veggies. If the place you have chosen for growing your vegetables it’s not easily accessed by water, then you should consider choosing another site. To keep your garden watered throughout the year, then it’s time to invest in a rain barrel.There is no secret formula to tell you exactly how many times you need to do the watering for your plants to not suffer during hot weather. In general, in the summer season is good to do water your veggies every 3-7 days, and in spring and autumn every 5-10 days. Use a hose or a watering can to avoid crushing the plants under pressure from the hose stream.

Growing your veggies indoors

If you live in a small apartment, don’t get discouraged. You can still create an indoor garden to grow all sorts of tasty vegetables. All you have to is buy some large pots to plant your veggies, fertilizer to keep them healthy for as long as possible and other tools. A great tip to make sure that your vegetables are growing in a healthy environment and that they receive all the light needed you should consider investing in some LED grow lights. LED grow lights provide the right amount of heat and light and can make your vegetables grow more quickly.

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