Say yes to something new this summer – deep sea fishing

There is never too late to try something new, and if you want to remember every one of your holidays, you should do a different activity every year. When planning your holiday, your only goal is to include as many relaxing activities as possible, because you want to refill your energy, but if you have a longer holiday, you would feel the need at a certain point to get involved in something that does not imply staying on the beach. Well, if you like sport, and if you are willing to spend an entire day off shore, then you should consider planning a holiday which includes deep sea fishing Turks & Caicos, because it is an amazing activity, which would raise your adrenaline, and which will help you make new friends.

What fish can I catch when deep sea fishing

This is one of the main questions people have when they hear of deep sea fishing. On the ocean there are different types of fish, and every one of them requires a new technique when it comes to catching them, but when you are on a charter boat, you can do only three types of deep sea fishing, offshore fishing, trolling and bottom fishing. Every one of these techniques allows you to catch different types of fish. When you opt for offshore fishing you can catch white or blue marlin, black fin tuna, or dolphin, when you opt for trolling you can catch cobia, sailfish, kingfish or other similar types and when you choose bottom fishing, you can catch grouper, black, white or red snapper and even scampi.

What gear should I bring?

The best answer to this question is offered by the captain of the charter boat you hire, because they know exactly what they have on board and what you have to bring. In the majority of cases you would only have to bring a cooler to store the fish, because the boat offers you all the tackle, reels, rods and bait you need. You should not forget to bring a pair of glasses and a hat, because the surface of the water would reflect the sun and it would it would create an uncomfortable sensation for the eyes. Depending on the weather, you have to do some research and see what types of clothes you should take with you, because in some days it might be quite cold on sea.

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