Signs you are working with a professional accountant


Many companies nowadays decide to outsource their accounting services and contrary to what some people believe, it is actually a great solution, since it offers employees of the company the chance to focus on more important aspects. However, competition is quite high in this industry, not to mention that in the past years the number of accounting firms in Singapore has significantly increased, which makes it challenging for you to choose the best one. Here are the signs that tell you have found the perfect accountant.

They are highly organized

If you notice your accountant is extremely well organized, it is a clear sign you are working with a professional one. It is essential for an expert in accounting services to have everything established from before the working day actually starts, so that the moment they walk into the office they know exactly which tasks are more important to solve immediately and which ones can be postponed.

They have great time management skills

Besides being well-organized, an accountant should also have good time management skills. Besides financial management tasks, they also have to take care of many others and being able to prioritize them in such a way that allows them to finish those tasks in due time is definitely a great quality to look for in accountants.

They are attentive to details

Another must-have quality of an accountant is attention to details. Since they are working with numbers most part of their time, it is essential that they pay attention to every detail, no matter how small it is, because they have to ensure those numbers are correct and work. You would definitely not want someone who makes a lot of mistakes in your company’s financial reports.

They are focused to meet your needs

Another quality that differentiates a good accountant from a great one is their focus on the client. Sure, taking care of numbers may be an easy task for an expert in accounting services, but besides this, they should also have a deep understanding of the industry in which your company operates, as well as your company’s needs and interests. They should focus on meeting and even exceeding your expectations.

They have great communication skills

Sure, you want an accountant that does his or her job great and that makes no mistakes when it comes to financial reports, but you probably want to be kept up to date too. If your accountant fails to inform you on the latest news regarding your company’s finances, it is best you look for another one. As the manager of the company, it is your duty to stay informed on every department within the firm and the financial department is among the most important ones.

It is trust-worthy

Last but not least, if your accountant is a trust-worthy and reliable person, you have definitely found the right one. You can learn a lot about an accountant before even hiring them simply by doing some online research. Ask for the opinions of past clients to make a clearer idea on the way that accountant did his or her job.

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