Some excuses that people use for avoiding physical therapy


Physical therapy is the best remedy for those who suffer from low back pain, neck pain, arthritis and the list may continue. It is not a modern method, but the physical therapists have improved their methods a lot in the last period. But, in the majority of cases, there are people who avoid appealing to the services of a therapist because they are afraid that the procedure will hurt even more. However, here is a list with the most common excuses used by those who want to avoid physical therapy.

“I do not have time for going to physical therapy”

It is true that every day is a struggle, if you want to make money. Your job tasks are usually exhausting and all that you want when you finish your program is to go home and lay in your comfortable bed. But you cannot put pain on hold. Just think about arthritis. What is it more exactly? It is an inflammation of some of your body parts, especially hands and joints. Even if it is typical of those who are more than 60 years old, experts say that nowadays there have been many cases when children and teenagers have been diagnosed with arthritis. Specialists say that physical therapy is the best remedy for getting rid of such affection. The good news is that there are many reliable clinics in California, but in case you do not know any, you should look for, a reputable place where people can gather and improve not only their physical, but also their mental condition.

“It is just a low back pain. It will go away soon”

Do you suffer from low back pain? Even if you can tolerate it now, in the majority of cases pain will not go away. On the contrary, it will become even more intense and you will have to face the consequences of your own choices. Do you know which they are? If your back hurts a lot, you will not be able to seat on your office chair and focus on your daily tasks. You will not be able to drive your car or to carry your child on your shoulders. Moreover, if you drop something on the floor, you will not even be able to bend over and pick it up. Therefore, do not waste precious time and go and find a suitable treatment for your pain.

“It is just a minor car accident. I do not need therapy”

Unfortunately, there are many situations when people think that they have nothing to worry about when they are involved in a car accident. But, if your find out that your pain is more and more intense, you should go and see a doctor. He or she will be able to tell you if you need some physical therapy sessions.

“Going to physical therapy is an expensive choice”

No, it is not. If you look for a reliable clinic in California, you can benefit from good promotions for your physical therapy sessions. Last but not least, there are even clinics that allow you to pay by implements.

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